Tennent's to serve expat Scots for International Beer Day

Tennent’s Lager has launched an international expedition to ensure expat Scots get a taste of their favourite lager today - International Beer Day.

Published 4th Aug 2017
Updated 12 th Sep 2023

After months of careful planning, recruitment, training and acclimatisation, Tennent's is going international. It’s going all the way to….England and Wales.

Tennent’s has been brewing beer in Glasgow since 1556 and will put every one of its 400+ years of experience, and every ounce of its pioneering spirit to the ultimate test as it crosses the border with a supply of Scotland’s favourite.

Punters have been taking to Tennent’s Facebook to nominate their expat mates who are currently unable to sample the big red T.


Picture: Tennent's to send beer down south today for International Beer Day, supplied

The expedition team will leave the brewery at first light on the 4th August and will be live across the England and Wales all day, delivering cans of Tennent’s Lager to Scots who’ve been trapped between Carlisle and Bognor Regis.

The Glasgow brewer is taking nominations for Scots to receive cans via Facebook until midday today, so be quick and head to the brand's Facebook page and get tagging friends to be in with a chance of getting the beers in for them.


Picture: Tennent's Facebook

Alan McGarrie, Head of UK Brand Marketing at Tennent’s, said: “Tennent’s is here to serve the nation, and that means making sure Scots who’ve flown the nest are supplied with Scotland’s favourite Lager on International Beer Day.

"So, if your mates have started to say lake instead of loch, or they’re asking if caught the cricket at the weekend – get on to our Facebook and nominate them to receive a refreshing taste of Scotland.

“If you’ve got any English or Welsh mates who need to reconsider their lager choices, that’s fine too. We’re here to solve problems for Scotland first, but we’ve got a lot of love for our neighbours south of the border.

"International Beer Day is about getting the beers in for your mates, even if they don’t live in the same city. We’ve got a long history of sending our beer to far flung places, so we’re the only ones who could pull this off today.”

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