Tennent's offers a helping hand to launch gluten free T

Tennent’s is offering Scottish punters a helping hand with their night, either in or out, to announce the launch of their new gluten free lager.

Published 19th Sep 2016
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Gluten Free T, Tennent's new 5% abv premium lager is now available in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants and Tesco stores across Scotland.

Head to Twitter and tweet @TennentsLager using #GlutenFreeT to see if they can help with anything for your big night out (or in). The service celebrates the launch of Tennent’s new Gluten Free T and will ensure that for those selected the only thing missing from their night is the Gluten.

Having been launched in Italy to great acclaim back in 2014, Tennent’s is now bringing the lager home to Scotland.

Already multi award-winning after having picked up a prestigious silver award at the 2015 International Beer Challenge and a gold medal at the World Beer Championships in 2014, Gluten Free T is described as being perfect for Coeliacs, those who avoid Gluten as a lifestyle choice and, of course, people who are looking for a great tasting beer.

The service will be available today and tomorrow (19 & 20 September), with prizes delivered along with a case of Gluten Free T in time for the Friday night (23 September).

The Glasgow based brand has also created a hilarious Buzzfeed style ‘experiment’ where two punters are asked to guess; “what’s missing?” from a variety of very Scottish scenarios to help launch #GlutenFreeT. See if you can guess.

Keith Lugton, Tennent’s Master Brewer, said: Gluten Free T has been a great success in Italy and is multi award winning so we know there’s nothing missing from it aside from of course the Gluten. But as out little ‘experiment’ proves, it’s impossible to notice.

“To celebrate the launch we want to help punters make sure the only thing missing from their night is the Gluten. We’re pleased to offer the #GlutenFreeT service on 19 & 20 September. Just get in touch with us via Twitter and let us know what you need to complete your night in or out and we’ll see what we can do to help.”

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