Tennent's fans facebook page runs film poster competition and the results are pretty hilarious

A Tennent's fan Facebook page has created a movie competition for riffs on film posters inspired by the beer brand - and the results are pretty impressive. 

Published 13th Feb 2019
Updated 13 th Feb 2019

The Big Juicy Appreciation Society, which recently reached over 20,000 members, posted on their page saying that they'd teamed up with the Wellpark Brewery to give away some prizes and asking members to create their own Tennent's inspired spins on classic movies.

The original post read: "20,000 folk in here talking about Big Juicy? Mental. As a wee treat our good pals at Wellpark are giving us 5 care packages to giveaway. For a chance to win a wee slab of cans, a pair of tickets to the new Tennent's Story at the brewery and an engraved glass at the end here's the rules - To Win, you have to replace a word in a movie title with the word JUICY and TAG a pal you'd take on a wee day out.

"A SHARE and complete utter nonsense/Photoshop gets you extra points. 5 winners will be picked from the best efforts - so GET CREATIVE."

It was n't long before the first entries came rolling in and the results are pretty spectacular.

Graham Williams posted this effort:, which is currently topping the page poll as the favourite.

Other entries include The Tinions:

101 Big Juicy's: 

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Can's Labyrinth:

Juice Bigalow Glesga Gigalow:


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Other entries include the Tinbetweeners, the Tincredibles and FootJuice.

The poll ends today with the five top posters set to win the prizes.

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