Sweet tooth gin lovers rejoice! You'll soon be able to buy marshmallow gin

Over the past few years we have seen gins infused with everything from seaweed to frankinsense but one company is hoping to please sweet tooth drinks fans everywhere with a new gin infused with marshmallows.

Published 14th Aug 2017
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

Not content with the usual botanicals, the team at Naked Marshmallow Co have decided to put their own twist on the gin scene with the release of their new gin.

Already well versed in the use of alcohol, the brand, which have already released a successful range of alcohol-infused marshmallows, decided to go one step further by creating a small batch marshmallow gin that’s infused with the taste of vanilla bean.

Picture: nakedmarshmallow.co.uk

In an interview with FoodBev, the company's co-founder Joseph Colson said: “We have had a great time with reinventing marshmallows and one request we always have is for alcohol flavours."

“We thought it was a great opportunity to reinvent another product. With the growing interest in artisanal food and drink it was a fantastic opportunity to merge the two."

Perhaps most interestingly, the gin is reportedly being bottled at 21% abv, which could see them fall foul of the law, as in the EU, the minimum bottled alcoholic strength for gin, distilled gin, and London gin is 37.5%.

Not yet released, the new product will soon be available to buy from the nakedmarshmallow.co.uk shop - priced at £32.


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