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Supermarket Aldi to introduce ‘Orange Wine’ to its shelves this month

Supermarket Aldi is set to introduce a rare ‘orange wine’ to its shelves this month, making it the only UK supermarket to stock the popular style.

Published: August 6, 2018
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According to the brand, it was previously only found in trendy wine bars, luxury hotels such as The Ritz and high-end wine merchants, and the rare style – dubbed the 'fourth wine' by industry experts - has seen huge success in markets such as Canada and Italy.

Made with 85 per cent Chardonnay and 15 per cent Sauvignon Blanc grapes and combining the weight of red wine with the freshness of white, this Orange Wine (named after its amber hue due to a long fermentation of the lightly crushed grapes with full skin contact at low temperatures) is distinctive by its "exuberant nose of vanilla, peach and apricot fruits".

Launching as part of Aldi’s August Wine Festival, the small batch wine, which is produced by Cramele Recas should appeal to wine lovers when it hits stores on the 9th August.

Aldi say that the new addition, which is priced at only £5.99, is among the "best value orange wine offerings on the market".

Julie Ashfield, managing director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: “We know that our customers are open to new influences and are regularly seeking new experiences when it comes to wine.

Orange wine

"Inspired by the international success of orange wine in countries such as Canada and Italy, we’re excited to be able to offer our customers something a little different this summer, without breaking the bank.

"It is also sure to be popular with lovers of natural products too, as it is free from added yeasts, sulphates and other additives, contributing to its unique taste-profile."

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Aldi’s wine expert Sam Caporn MW, The Mistress of Wine comments: “Orange wine is more popular than ever throughout the wine world but has yet to be made available to UK supermarket shoppers. It’s exciting to see Aldi opening up this sought-after style to its customers, and I’m sure it will prove just as popular as it has around the globe.”

The Orange Wine forms part of Aldi’s August Wine Festival, which sees the retailer championing a range of wine styles from across the globe.

"Carefully curated by Aldi’s expert UK based wine buying team", the twelve-bottle collection brings together a host of new and exciting varietals ranging from £5.99 - £8.99.

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