Soma Records release limited edition whisky to celebrate 25th anniversary

To celebrate Soma's 25th year, the record label, working with the Creative Whisky Co. and the Good Spirits Co., have selected and released a limited edition 25 year old whisky.

Published 28th Nov 2016
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

Described by the Soma team as "a real belter", the 25 year old single cask, limited release has gone on sale at Glasgow's Good Spirit Co.

Priced at £ 79.50, the SLAM Dram is described as "rich and fruity" with notes of "Butter Scotch and Vanilla".


The record label, which was founded in Glasgow in 1991, has gone on to become an international brand, gaining notoriety for the discovery of French duo Daft Punk while remaining at the cutting edge of the dance music industry.

A spokesman for Soma said: "To celebrate Soma’s 25th year the label has worked with Creative Whisky Co and The Good Spirits Co to release some small batch speciality spirits. The culmination of this project sees the release of the SLAM DRAM, a very special 25-year- old Whisky that we hope will become as classic as some of our records have become.

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