Social enterprise gin Ginerosity celebrates as soaring sales help disadvantaged young adults

Ginerosity – the world’s first social enterprise gin - is celebrating after money raised through supermarket sales helped fund six placements for disadvantaged young adults across the UK.

Published 24th Aug 2017
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

Thanks to customer sales at 12 Scottish Asda stores, which stock the product, the social enterprise team say they have been able to help deserving young adults build a better future.

Customers who have bought the gin have been told that when they purchase a bottle they will be helping support worthy causes at the same time, as all profits are poured back into charity projects.

Chris Thewlis, co-founding director of Ginerosity, said:  “We’d like to thank Asda for stocking the brand, and for their fantastic support helping to drive sales in their supermarkets, the profits from which are helping to support deserving young adults, providing them with a second chance.

“Within a matter of months we went from launching Ginerosity to being stocked by Asda and sending six young adults on placements that provide skills, training and personal development to build themselves a better future.

"We think that’s an incredible achievement for our social enterprise gin and we want to thank all involved in this success story.”

As well as sales success, Ginerosity also took part in Asda’s Social Enterprise Supplier Academy, which launched in 2016, in partnership with SIS.

Funded through proceeds of the carrier bag charge, the aim of the academy is to mentor entrepreneurs on working with large retailers, as well as increasing the availability of social enterprise products for ethically-minded customers, all during a series of workshops across a four day period.

Heather Turnbull, buying manager for Asda Scotland, said: “Ginerosity is a fantastic example of the benefits of working together with innovative social enterprises to make ethical and high quality products more readily available to customers."

“Our partnership with SIS is providing tangible results and continues to ensure that money generated by customers through the carrier bag charge is responsibly re-invested in charities such as those committed to supporting disadvantaged young adults across the UK.”

The supermarket says it is committed to helping social enterprise products with Ginerosity being the third drink brand to be listed following the introduction of Heroes Drinks Company in January 2017 and Brewgooder in November 2016.

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