Seven seriously geeky coffee spots to visit in Scotland

We asked the team at the Independent Coffee Guide to pick out the best places in Scotland for coffee fans to check out.

Published 12th Apr 2017
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Scotland’s speciality coffee scene is thriving and among the flock of caffeinated hangouts are a new breed of baristas getting seriously geeky about their brew.

Want to know where’s best to sip single origin and stock up on the latest kit?

The Scottish Indy Coffee Guide shares seven of the best places to go, should you want to get your java on.

Brew Lab, Edinburgh

(6-8 S College St, Edinburgh EH8 9AA)

Coffee geeky spots

A coffee tour of the capital wouldn’t be complete without indulging in all things nerdy at Brew Lab in the Old Town.

Caffeine fiends flock to this slick coffee emporium for the nitro: a cold brew concoction infused with nitrogen gas to create a wickedly creamy and incredibly smooth mouthfeel.

Regulars return for the comprehensive collection of coffees from guest roasters such as The Barn and La Cabra, expertly crafted by the talented team of baristas.

Habitat Cafe, Aberfeldy

(2 The Square, Aberfeldy PH15 2DD)

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Those into bean exploration can do no better than work their way through Habitat Cafe’s dedicated brewing bar.

Owners Mark and Jan Haggerton showcase everything from Woodneck to Bee House, securing the cosy cafe a glut of awards for its speciality brews.

Lowdown Coffee, Edinburgh

(40 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2LE)

Located in the basement of an elegant Georgian building on busy George Street, only seasonal, exciting and expressive beans are on offer at Lowdown.

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The team us an EKK 43 grinder for espresso; unusual as it adds considerably to the workflow, ‘but we think the benefits are worth it,’ says owner Paul Anderson.

Machina Espresso, Edinburgh

(2 Brougham Place, Edinburgh EH3 9HW)

The original Machina coffee bar and store in Tollcross is one of the few places in the Edinburgh where you can lay your hands on everything from a syphon or filter to high end grinders – not to mention obscure spare parts for your existing kit – and get a good coffee at the same time.

Rialto Coffee Co., Eyemouth

(33 High Street, Eyemouth, TD14 5EY)

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Forget matching wine with cheese or beer with chocolate, there’s a new foodie trend in town now that the guys at Rialto Coffee Co. are pairing coffee with pastries and homemade bakes.

In addition to the small selection of coffee kit for the burgeoning home brewer, owners Michael and Eilyn Howes-Quintero have introduced pre-booked coffee courses every Saturday afternoon.

Papercup Coffee Co., Glasgow

(603 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 8HX)

Sourcing and roasting coffee since 2012, the team at Great Western Road’s Papercup Coffee Co. are understandably serious about providing a high quality caffeinated experience, so beans can be imbibed as espresso (and a stonking flat white), V60 and AeroPress as well as cold brew.

Filament Coffee, Edinburgh

(38 Clerk St, Edinburgh EH8 9HX)

It may have had a bit of a spruce up inside and the addition of some rather cool artwork across the walls in the past year, but Filament’s serious-about- speciality vibe and quality of cup is the same as ever.

The Mythos One and EK 43 grinders earn their crust hourly, whizzing up single origin beans from across the globe.

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