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'Seriously, nae cool folks' - Aberdeen bar hits out at lack of safety measures in other businesses which led to second lockdown

As Aberdeen has gone into a second lockdown due to a surge in cases of the coronavirus, one bar owner has hit out at other businesses.

Published: August 7, 2020
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An Aberdeen bar has responded to the lack of safety procedures seen in other businesses, which have lead to lockdown measures being reimposed in the city.

What has happened in Aberdeen?

On Wednesday, first minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that lockdown restrictions were to be reimposed in Aberdeen over a coronavirus cluster in the area.

Bars, cafes and restaurants in the city were ordered to close from 5pm on Wednesday afternoon, a five-mile travel rule has been put in place and residents are being told not to enter each other's houses.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that 54 cases have now been reported in the outbreak. She said the rise in cases heightens fears the Scottish Government is "dealing with a significant outbreak in Aberdeen that may include some community transmission".

On Monday 3 August, Ms Sturgeon heavily criticised scenes of people flouting social distancing rules while socialising at bars across Scotland this weekend, saying they made her “want to cry”.

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Reacting to the photos, Ms Sturgeon told followers on Twitter: “Scenes like these are dangerous, and could easily result in pubs being closed again - which no one wants.”

Now that lockdown measures have been reinstated in the city, one Aberdeen pub has posted on its social media regarding the lack of safety measures seen in the pictures.

CASC bar, which is situated in Aberdeen’s eclectic and historical Merchant Quarter, has hit out saying: "You, who put the shilling before the safety of the customer and your staff, have ruined it for the rest of us.

"Seriously, nae cool folks...small businesses have had a terrible time during this, and the glimmer of hope that was phase 3 have been utterly bulldozed by you selfish, till filling narcissists who permeate this city.

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"You have single handily put the livelihoods of hundreds of bar staff and business owners at further risk, at the benefit of your own pocket.

"Well, karma can hit hard, and we prey that it is your own pockets that are hardest hit by this outcome."

The post author was keen to stress that this statement was not in relation to the NHS list that was released, but those bars showing no regard for safety.

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Facebook users responded mainly positively to the post, with one saying: "Well said big man and hope you and all your family are well."

Another added: " I absolutely love this and in addition shame on the punters spoiling it for everyone else with no social distancing evident in those photos that were published. You should all be charged with reckless endangerment!!"

Some weren't as supportive, as one user wrote: "How many people have died from these bars? How many in intensive care? Ok, how many at least needing hospitalised? Anyone?"

Another said: "What were they supposed to do? Ask for the virus’s ID on the way in?"

CASC bar specialises in whisky, craft beer and Cuban cigars. They run monthly themed whisky tasting evenings and have a selection of over 200 malt whiskies on offer. Like other bars in the city, they have been forced to close again.

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