Scottish Gin Society unveil amazing Scottish Gin Map - and it's free

The Scottish Gin Society have unveiled a new Scottish Gin map that shows every gin distillery in Scotland - and best of all it's free to download.

Published 10th Jan 2019
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

Posting the map online, the Society wrote: "To celebrate the end of an amazing year for The Scottish Gin industry, The Scottish Gin Society have released a brand new, beautifully illustrated map of Scottish Gins.

"Our online A-Z and Scottish Distillery Map gives you the most up-to-date picture of the Scottish Gin scene."

Scottish Gin Map

Featuring the locations of distilleries making gin in Scotland - as of November 2018 - the map was created by Aberdeenshire-based Scottish artist, Laura Bremner, who said: "Working on the Scottish Gin Society’s map illustration has been a dream job for me. I thought I knew quite a lot about the Scottish gin industry, but working on this piece has been an education.

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"It’s been a long process but I’m very proud of the end result. It’s a beautiful thing to frame and display in the home, I’m sure it will be well received by fellow gin fans.”

The illustration features only those producers who have their own stills, meaning those that are contract distilled or cuckoo distilled elsewhere aren't included.

Stephen White, founder of The Scottish Gin Society said: “As 2018 draws to a close, we think that the release of this beautiful map of Scottish Gins is a fitting celebration of an astounding year for the industry.

"We hope our online community of Scottish Gin lovers enjoy the map and we wish them a very happy 2019.”

• You can download the map for free here:

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