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Scotland's smallest whisky distillery to produce second batch of Single Cask

Strathearn, probably Scotland’s smallest distillery, has launched their second batch of Single Cask, Single Malt Whisky

Published: September 8, 2017
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Based in rural Perthshire, the two casks, Cask 028 and Cask 044, are small octave sized (50 litre) casks making the artisan spirit exclusive with only 75 and 70 bottles being released internationally.
Both casks vary in flavour with Cask 028 boasting a rich and malty palate which is further emphasised with a single drop of water.
Single Cask

Picture: Strathearn Distillery, supplied

Cask 044 has a richness that is often associated with Strathearn Single Malt and a taste of citrus and toffee; best enjoyed neat.
Tony Reeman-Clark, Founder of Strathearn Distillery said: "Strathearn spirit is all about quality and flavour.

We’ve waited another six months to start bottling our whisky as the small 50 litre casks develop and mellow into outstanding Single Malt Scotch.

We’re thrilled to get another batch to market and feel that the tasting should no longer be limited to members of staff and shared with the wider public and especially all of our followers!

“In March, we sent David Hogg, our Distiller and Whisky Wizard, into the bonded store and he emerged and selected Casks 028 and 044 as our next release after many long hours tasting – tough work. Others will follow, if we dare send David back in there”.
By using either peated or non-peated malt and varying the type of cask, each batch of whisky will be entirely unique from Strathearn Distillery.

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