Pro-Brexit Wetherspoon mag delivered to homes across UK causes backlash online

A JD Wetherspoon mag delivered to homes across Scotland has led to a backlash online for its pro-Brexit stance, as people took to social media sites to complain.

Published 24th Jan 2019
Updated 20 th Sep 2023

Many Scots found the 48-page mag, which is filled with pro-Brexit articles, on their doorsteps this week.

Mixed in with articles on gin, beer and pizza were pieces describing a deal with the EU as a "trap", as well as two pages dedicated to a column by Wetherspoon’s chairman Tim Martin on what he describes as the "Circle of Deceit" surrounding the EU debate.

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There was also a section filled with letters from prominent figures on the Brexit debate including one by former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot from the Spectator in which he states that Britain has "nothing to fear from no deal".

Though they did offer the view points of some remainers, the magazine was deemed to be overwhelmingly pro-Brexit by many of those who received it.

Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin, a prominent Leave supporter,  recently revealed he was in favour of a no deal Brexit, an outcome largely feared across UK industries.

He said: “A deal is a bad thing – if we don’t have a deal and embrace free trade, prices will go down in the shops. We will be in a much stronger position on a free trade basis that some people call a ‘no deal’.”

Part of a UK-wide mailout by the pub chain, it provoked a strong reaction online with many taking to platforms like Twitter and Facebook to complain about what they saw as "propaganda".

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Others were just bemused as to why they'd received it at all.

One user urged people to boycott JD Wetherspoon pubs and send the magazine back to the chain's head office.

While another offered advice on what people should do if they are unhappy with the mag.

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When asked about the mail out, a spokesperson for JD Wetherspoon, around 900 pubs to its name across the UK, said: "The magazine is available in the pubs. Wetherspoon wished to put out the magazine to a wider audience, to highlight the sides for and against Brexit.

"Wetherspoon is not on social media where a lot of the arguments take place so instead Wetherspoon has placed the arguments in the magazine."

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