Pickering's Gin announce exciting new release and its perfect for Valentine's Day

Edinburgh Based Pickering’s Gin has announced an exciting new release and its the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.  

Published 5th Feb 2020
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

Forget Me Not Gin is a brand-new limited-edition gin in their popular 200ml gifting sized bottle which has been made using real forget-me-not flower petals.

Traditionally given as a gift by a loved one in the hope that the recipient won't forget the person who has given them, the blueish pink flower has long been associated with romance.

Often a reminder of favourite memories and time shared together, the craft distillery is encouraging gin fans to share a bottle for a romantic evening this Valentine’s Day.

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Made by distilling freshly dried forget-me-not petals, heather and lemon myrtle together with eight of their signature Bombay botanicals. The result is described as a decadent citrus gin with subtle floral notes and an unmistakable Pickering’s Gin finish.

Matt Gammell, Co-founder and head distiller said: “This gin was a unique and interesting challenge trying to find that perfect balance of flavour and the natural blue hue.

"The addition of butterfly pea flower and forget me not petals has allowed us to achieve a pretty pastel blue gin using naturally derived botanicals that creates a subtly charming colour change.”

Co-founder Marcus Pickering added: “Our team like to pride ourselves on being innovative and creative. When we saw the popularity of our Festively Flavoured Gins at Christmas, the logical next step was to create a new gin for 2020 that we could retail through our independent retailers.

"We hope that our fans will be as charmed by the quality of this subtly floral spirit as with the sentiment behind the gift.”

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The Pickering's team recommend serving the new gin with a tonic of your choice, garnished with a lemon twist or edible flower.

• Retailing at £12 for a 200ml bottle (37.5% abv), the gin is available from www.pickeringsgin.com and local independent retailers

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