Outlander star Sam Heughan announces release date of Sassenach Gin

The release date for Sam Heughan's Sassenach gin is set to be revealed this week.

Published 24th Apr 2023
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

The Outlander star released a new video on social to announce there will soon be more news about his latest addition to the Sassenach Spirits range - the Sassenach gin.

In the short video, Sam said: "Hi guys, well can you guess where I am? I have a special date to announce on Tuesday. Here's some clues, can you guess what it is?"

The video then pans out and in front of him on a table are all the bontanicals that can be found in The Sassenach gin, which is set to be released this summer.

Heughan then released a second video on Tuesday 25 April announcing that the Sassenach gin will be available in America from 15 June, with other territories and launch dates to be confirmed.

The actor, who was a recent guest on our podcast Scran, spoke about this new launch, the inspiration behind it, the bontanicals in it as well as giving us a taste. He also chatted about life after Outlander.

Of the Sassenach gin, he said: "I wanted to create a Scottish gin, something that represents where I'm from represent Scotland. Everything comes from Scotland, all the botanicals, and I want it to be something that was from where I'm from in which is Dumfries and Galloway.

"So I looked at we looked at all the botanicals you can get and we distilled each one individually to try see what it was like, put our favourites together, and then have tried subsequent recipes.

"This is where we're at now we're almost ready to be released this summer. I'm really, really excited by this gin. It's very moreish. Very well balanced. It's not like other gins."

Sam Heughan Scran sassenach gin
Picture: John Devlin

The gin joins his other drinks, The Sassenach whisky and The Sassenach Select Double Wood Reposado tequila, which came about after Heughan took a trip to Mexico and realised that in the UK, we don't have the same appreciation of the drink as elsewhere in the world.

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