Online company aiming to recreate original recipe Irn-Bru with launch of new soft drink

An internet start-up is aiming to recreate original recipe Irn-Bru with the launch of a new soft drink.

Published 18th Jun 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

True Brew will be one of the first releases by Northern Ireland company Enerzaid, which has launched a Kickstarter campaign in a bid to raise funds to create a range of "classic sparkling glucose drinks, free of artificial sweeteners".

Founder Scott Todd launched the new firm in a bid to satisfy the demand for "full sugar and full taste" following the substitution of sweeteners for some of the sugar content in many of the recipes for popular soft drinks, since the arrival of the UK government's sugar tax.

Keen to state that they have no problem with low sugar drinks and that they support the idea of a healthier nation consuming less sugar, Todd and the Enerzaid team say they still want to give people back their "freedom of choice".

And in a bid to satisfy those people who they say have been "left disappointed by companies that have ignored feedback from loyal consumers about recipe changes that prioritise profit over people", Todd stated that the start-up is aiming to replace some of the iconic flavours that have been "ruined by artificial sweeteners".

As well as their full sugar version of Irn-Bru, they are also creating their own versions of the original and orange flavoured Lucozades.

A spokesperson for the project said: "Our preliminary development pathway requires a minimum of 2 months to be spent sourcing raw materials, liaising with manufacturers and production processes.

"We intend to have the initial test variants available for flavour testing by the end of summer 2018, our top supporters will be invited along to critique tasting samples where your feedback on the various versions of each flavour is eagerly anticipated.

"Pending successful taste trials in the summer, we plan to begin bulk product of Enerzaid for public sale in late 2018."

Not intended for children, Enerzaid say the new drinks will be aimed at athletes and people with active lifestyles who want a quick glucose boost, diabetics who have relied on sugary drinks in the past to help control low blood sugar and responsible adults with a sweet tooth, who understand the concept of ‘everything in moderation’.

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