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'Old & Rare' event in Glasgow set to showcase whisky from a bygone era

Whisky lovers everywhere should be planning a trip to Glasgow on 18th and 19th February to experience the brand new 'Old & Rare' Whisky Show, from leading retailer The Whisky Exchange.

Published: January 20, 2017
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The show is dedicated to giving visitors the chance to taste incredibly rare whiskies at affordable prices - some from just £2 per dram.

With over 350 amazing whiskies on display at the event at The Grand Central Hotel, this is a unique chance for whisky fans to discover great whiskies produced in bygone eras.

From an Aberlour 9 year old bottled in the 1970s to a 1965 Isle of Jura, or 1896 Orkney Malt bottled in 1918, every visitor will be given the chance to taste a true piece of whisky history.

Tickets, which are available from the official site, cost £100 and include £50 of whisky tokens, a free tasting glass and access to hundreds of old and rare whiskies.

Organisers say the following is a small range of what will be on offer:

£3 = Glendronach 12yo bottled 1970s
£3 = Aberlour 9yo bottled 1970s
£6 = Bowmore Deluxe bottled 1970s
£7 = 1965 Isle of Jura
£10 = Ardbeg 10yo bottled 1980s
£15 = Rosebank 1970s bottling
£35 = Mortlach 1936 45yo G&M
£50 = 1896 Orkney Malt bottled 1918
£100 = 14yo Laphroaig bottled 1953

In addition to this incredible selection of rare whiskies to taste, the whisky world's greatest experts and leading whisky collectors - including the legendary 'Mr Ardbeg' - will be on hand to share their experience and expertise, while specialty whisky bars and independent bottlers will present some of their finest old whiskies.

Show manager Andrew Milne is excited to be bringing The Whisky Show to Glasgow: “It’s always been our desire to run a show that showcases old and rare whisky in an approachable and affordable way to both connoisseurs and whisky lovers who would never normally get a chance to ever taste whiskies like this.

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"It feels like a natural step to hold such an event in whisky’s homeland where they were created. There is something magical about trying whiskies that most of us will never be able to buy.”

The Whisky Show: Old & Rare is the brainchild of The Whisky Exchange, and whisky experts Angus MacRaild and Jonny McMillan.


As whisky fans themselves, the team is passionate about old and rare whiskies and this event is a chance to share these legendary drams with a much wider audience of whisky lovers from around the world.

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The pair say that while it remains a debated issue as to whether old & rare whiskies are better than modern ones, that it can’t be denied that they are different.

Angus believes attendees will have fun exploring these contrasts: "Whiskies distilled and bottled several decades ago display a different character to modern whiskies because the methods of production - and often the ingredients used - were notably different to today's whisky making practices.

"These kinds of old and rare bottlings represent what is popularly termed 'old style' whisky. For enthusiasts these bottlings are more characterful and display more personality and individuality than their modern counterparts.

"For drinkers and collectors alike these bottlings represent liquid time capsules, drinkable history that offers a window onto the past; how whisky used to be produced and the character of the people that made these whiskies. The Whisky Show Old & Rare offers attendees an unparalleled opportunity to try these incredible spirits in the company of like-minded enthusiasts and world class experts on old and rare whiskies. "

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International whisky blogger Anne-Sophie Bigot, who is based in France but has already booked her flight tickets said: "It really is a one-of-a-kind occasion for whisky enthusiasts to come and taste some rarities, meet fellow malt heads as I like to call them and simply have a good time.

"From a blogger perspective, it is highly interesting, especially for me, as I grew up in the 1990s and never had the opportunity to be introduced to whisky through those old expressions, I see my attendance almost as a 'professional duty/history course', and I have no doubt my readers will be as excited as I am."

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