Loch Ness Gin release limited fourth batch just in time for Christmas

A gin producer based near one of Scotland's most famous lochs is set to launch a limited batch of their gin before Christmas to meet festive demand.

Published 15th Dec 2016
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

Loch Ness Gin launched their first limited run of gin in August this year, quickly gaining popularity and awards in equal measure.

Now to satisfy festive demand, the team behind the brand have just distilled and released the fourth batch of their Loch Ness Gin.


There are set to be only 500 bottles of the new batch in total and the company say the recommended deadline for ordering in time for Christmas is Monday 19th December.

Loch Ness gin is made using hand-picked Juniper berries sourced from the distillery's own crops.

The gin won a gold award at the recent Global Gin Masters following a blind tasting competition judged by experts and is described as having "perfumed floral notes up-front mixed with the dry, fruity notes of pear and peach".

Followed by "vanilla, cinnamon, juniper, angelica and pine blossom" on the finish.

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