Innis & Gunn teams up with whiskey maker to create new barrel-aged stout

Scottish Craft Brewer Innis & Gunn has teamed up with Teeling Whiskey to create a limited edition stout, Kith & Kin.

Published 13th Feb 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The 5.8% abv stout was aged in barrels at Innis & Gunn’s Scottish brewery using the Dublin distiller’s old whiskey casks.

According to Innis & Gunn, the result is "a rich flavour-packed beer with a big hit of dark chocolate, coffee and treacle" with hints of vanilla and spice.

The Scots brewing team developed the stout specifically to complement the flavours drawn out from the Irish whiskey barrels.

Unlike the toasted oak characteristics from Scotch whisky barrels, Irish whiskey casks deliver a much lighter and sweeter flavour, the brand claims, saying that drinkers will discover coconut and vanilla flavours accompanied with spicy notes when they try Kith & Kin.

As part of the collaboration, the barrels used to age the stout were returned to Teeling to be used in the maturation of a stout-finished whiskey, which Teeling will release in the spring.

Innis & Gunn founder Dougal Gunn Sharp said: “We’ve always held a great deal of admiration for Teeling’s ethos of quality and innovation. Like us, they are uncompromising when it comes to flavour and I was intrigued to see what we could create together. When we first tasted the stout with its rich notes of chocolate and coconut it was clear we were on to a winner.”

Around 130,000 bottles of the limited-edition Kith & Kin stout, available in 330ml bottles, have been produced.

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