Here's where you can celebrate World Buckfast Day this month in Scotland

The world’s most controversial wine now has its own day and it's being celebrated all over the world this month.

Published 4th May 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Originally created as a form of medicine, Buckfast has gone on to become one of the most notorious and talked about drinks ever produced in the UK.

Though made in southern England, Buckfast’s most popular markets are undoubtedly Scotland and Ireland.

The notorious drink’s popularity remains as strong as ever in Scotland and Northern Ireland with everything from Easter eggs and sausages to steak pie and sweets being made using it.

Scotland Buckfast
Picture: TSPL

In 2015, the first ever National Buckfast Day was launched before becoming “World Buckfast Day” in 2016.

While singer Ed Sheeran confessed to getting drunk on Buckfast while on a Scottish night out, the drink (or something that looks suspiciously like it) has even appeared on the Simpsons.

And this year, the notorious drink, made by the Benedictine Monks of Buckfast Abbey, will be drunk (and ate) up and down the country and all over the world on 12th May by a cult following of fans of the drink.

World Buckfast Day started four years ago and his gone from strength to strength since, culminating in the launch of a chart topping app - Find Me Bucky, where people can locate and price Buckfast all over the globe.

 So if you're a Buckfast fan and want to join in the celebrations, there are a number of pubs all over Scotland taking part.

These include;

  • Ninety-Nine Bar, Aberdeen
  • Roseleaf, Edinburgh
  • Belted Burgers, Edinburgh
  • The Mash House, Edinburgh
  • La Belle Angele, Edinburgh
  • Subway Cowgate, Edinburgh
  • Driftwood, Glasgow
  • Bloc, Glasgow
  • Bread + Butter, Glasgow
  • Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow
  • Westend Lebowskis, Glasgow
  • Katie's Bar, Glasgow
  • Katie's Bar & Bistro, Stirling

If you're not in Scotland then lookout for Buckfast celebration in Ayia Napa, Belfast, Bristol, Cork, Dublin, Western Australia, Ibiza, London, Liverpool, Manchester and Sydney.

Although enjoyed by loyal fans around the world, Buckfast has been linked heavily with anti-social behaviour, especially here in Scotland.

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A news report by the BBC in 2010 ran with a headline that stated that, though it was responsible for less than 1 per cent of Scotland’s total alcohol sales, mention of Buckfast had appeared in “5,638 crime reports in Strathclyde from 2006-2009” which equated to “three a day on average”.

And former First Minister Jack McConnell described the brand on BBC Scotland’s The Politics Show as “a badge of pride amongst those who are involved in antisocial behaviour”.

In recognition of Buckfast’s notorious reputation, the organisers have asked those taking part to enjoy the day responsibly and to drink in moderation.

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