Popular Scottish gin, Hendrick's, has launched a new gin - Orbium - which will be sold exclusively in Harvey Nichols.

In addition to the classic rose and cucumber flavours, the brand new gin contains two additions usually
found in gin cocktails…and one exotic new ingredient, which may have you

First up is quinine, one of the components of the tonic water used in a classic G&T.

Second, comes wormwood, found in the vermouth mixed into a Martini.

And then there’s blue lotus blossom. This water lily adds vivid floral notes and contains a psychoactive alkaloid aporphine, which was thought to have been used medicinally by the Mayans and Ancient Egyptians.


Picture: Hendricks

The result, in the distillery’s own words, is what Hendrick’s might taste like in a parallel universe – Orbium feels intriguingly like déjà vu: both entirely new and yet somewhat strangely familiar.

With its woody and floral complexity, Orbium makes a magnificent gin and tonic or Martini.

However, you may want to just mix with soda to allow the gin itself to take centre stage.

Orbium is available exclusively in-store at Harvey Nichols stores and online, priced at £47.00.

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