Hendrick's launch immersive virtual tour of their gin palace via Hendrick's Air

Hendrick's lovers can take an immersive trip to tour the home of the famous gin.

Published 30th Mar 2021
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

The famous brand opened its gin palace in 2018, and now fans can virtually visit with the launch of Hendrick's Air.

On Friday 9 April, Hendrick’s Gin will welcome fans aboard Hendrick’s Air, fully equipped with a First Class Hendrick’s Air Travel Kit.

Speaking of the launch the team said: "The world’s only airline run by a gin brand will help intrepid travellers escape the conventional and be transported to the delectable, creating a last virtual hurrah ahead of the hospitality industry reopening its doors the following week."

The immersive experience will culminate in a never-before-seen tour of the Hendrick’s Gin Palace in Girvan, where every drop of Hendrick’s consumed around the world has flowed through the copper stills under the watchful eye of master distiller, Ms Lesley Gracie.

This the first time Hendrick’s Gin Palace is opening its doors to the public, so it is an ideal event for those that love the gin and want to see how it is made.

Hosted by a 'curious Cucumber Pilot', as well as the Hendrick’s Gin ambassadors Sasha Filimonov and Sarah Berardi, travellers will get to meet master distiller Ms Lesley Gracie for a live tour through the nooks and crannies of the famous gin's cucumber and rose-infused home.

All of this will be enjoyed while sipping Hendrick’s cocktails, that can be created by guests during the virtual event using the new Lunar or classic gins, or with ready to pour creations from bars such as Panda & Sons.

The Hendrick's Air event ticket comes with a first class kit, which includes:

  • An exclusive Hendrick’s Air boarding pass, granting you access to your journey
  • An array of in-flight luxuries to help make your journey is optimum, including facial mist and an eye mask to ensure perfectly undisturbed daydreaming
  • Three pre-batched Hendrick’s Gin cocktails per person,
  • Bespoke crystal glassware, including a Tini Martini glass and a crystal-cut highball glass
  • Ingredients to make additional Hendrick’s Gin cocktails at home including a Limited Release Hendrick’s Lunar
  • Celestial Spritz and a Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Lemonade, paired with Fever-Tree
  • Plus more peculiar presents.

Hendrick’s Gin Ambassador, Sasha Filimonov, said: "This past year has given new meaning to the idea of the mundane, leaving us stuck at home and patiently yearning for freedom to travel once again to experience the world and all its wonders.

"The Hendrick’s Air experience is a virtual immersive escape from the confines of our homes, all wrapped up in one perfectly peculiar cucumber and rose-tinted package, with a portion of the ticket proceeds going to support the hospitality trade, through The Drinks Trust.

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"Ready for adventure? Take a leap into the peculiar and join us for a mesmerising and uniquely Hendrick’s immersion – transporting you to a world of whimsical oddity and delightful delectableness."

Hendrick’s Air tickets will be available online until the 31 March, at a price of £55 for a solo traveller, £100 for a duo and £200 for the household (four people).

Departure is at 6pm on Friday 9 April, with the total travel time estimated to be one hour long. Guests must be over the age of 18 and a portion of proceeds will support The Drinks Trust.

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