Graham's the Family Dairy hire drinks expert to become UK's first milk sommelier

A popular dairy company has appointed the UK's first ever milk sommelier.

Published 29th May 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Drinks expert Doug Wood has been traditionally trained to identify flavours, length of finish, acidity and sweetness in alcohol, usually wine and whisky.

He then matches these to food for a perfectly paired meal.

But Doug has now been appointed 'milk sommelier' by Scots dairy giants Graham's for whom he identifies distinct flavours for food pairings.

He is now sniffing out the different tastes and notes in each of the company's different milk products.

Doug, from Stirling, said: "My day-to-day is discovering new flavours in alcohol so this has been an unusual challenge.

"But once the tastes and aromas started coming through, it really opened my eyes to how complex a humble glass of milk could be."

Carol Graham, Marketing Director at Graham's added: "It's been exciting to discover the hidden depths of flavour and texture in our milk range.

"It's just a bit of fun."

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Milk has seen a resurgence in recent times since food experts around the globe decided to make it gourmet.

In Amsterdam, foodies have already had a taste of a dedicated milk bar, when designer Sietske Klooster opened the MelkSalon pop-up in April, 2015.

Europe's first milk sommelier was Bas de Groot.

Although Bas says a milk's "terroir" cannot be discerned in as much detail as a wine's, he is able to tell the breed of cow and what it has been fed on from just one sip.

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