Glenturret's lonely distillery cat gets a new friend

Following the death of his original partner Glen, Glenturret's distillery mouser Turret now has a new companion in Glen II.

Published 10th Dec 2015
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

Turret arrived at the distillery, home of The Famous Grouse Experience, in July this year alongside fellow kitten, Glen.

picture by 07984 163 256 The Famous Grouse Experience two new cats, Glen and Turret.
Glen and Turret, when they arrived in July. Picture:

The pair adapted quickly to their new roles as the distillery's official 'mousers' - charged with keeping the distillery vermin free - and it was hoped they would follow in the footsteps of the world’s most famous mouser, Towser, who was reported to have caught a record 28,899 mice during her 24 years in charge.

However, after a short of illness, little Glen, on veterinary advice, was sadly put to sleep at the end of July, leaving a distillery team heartbroken over his sudden loss.

Picture: Fraser Band
Picture: Fraser Band

A lonely Turret prompted the Distillery team to search for a new companion to keep him company and, soon they found another kitten, around the same age as Turret, whom they have also named Glen. Now the two, who get on famously, are fully settled into their Distillery home and have been delighting visitors to the attraction for months.

Glen II and Turret are getting along famously. Picture:

Turret’s playfulness is back in full swing and Glen’s settled in well, even though he does have a cat’s eye on being in charge.

Stuart Cassells, General Manager of The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery, said:

“The whole team at Glenturret were so very sad about Glen’s passing, but none more so than Turret. We knew we had to get him a friend to play with and we searched extensively – finally we found a kitten around the same age and who was clearly in good health, and both cats were successfully introduced to each other. As this is such a big year for Glenturret Distillery, the team felt that he too should be called Glen, so he was duly christened and has more than settled in to his life here.

Picture: Fraser Band
Picture: Fraser Band

“I must say, though, that Glen clearly thinks he’s the boss and Turret isn’t quite up for relinquishing his cosy spot underneath the still quite yet. Glen particularly likes to be front and centre when there’s a tour in, and has found a spot on top of a whisky cask where he gets maximum attention. A true showman, and a natural in the role!”

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