Glasgow photographer unveils new 'Dugs in Pubs' exhibition to raise funds for pet charities

A Glasgow photographer has unveiled a new 'Dugs in Pubs' exhibition in one of the city's most popular bars in a bid to raise much-needed funds for pet charities.

Published 4th Aug 2018
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Mark Boyle explained that the exhibition will run in the Variety Bar throughout August and will feature photos of the 'regulars', dogs who are often seen in the bar, as well as rescue dogs to raise awareness of local pet charities.

Mark, who runs the Photopetrix and MB Design websites,  said: "At the start of the year, I set up Photopetrix, a website specialising in pet photographs, the idea for which came about after I was taking some fun pictures of my two rescue cats at home.

Picture: Mark Boyle

"I'm a regular at the Variety bar and have been for years,  I was chatting to one of the managers who I know, when a wee Pomeranian called Prince came into the bar and I had my camera with me so decided to snap off a few shots.

"From there, I had a chat with the manager and we hit upon the idea of promoting both my pet business and the fact that the Variety Bar is dog-friendly with a new exhibition called 'Variety Bar Dugs'."

The exhibition features 21 pictures of 12 dogs, many of whom are the pets of the regulars who frequent the bar itself, and will shine a light on rescue dogs like Louise, a Bulldog who had been used heavily for breeding before being abandoned, and who is now searching for a forever home.

The photographer added: "Ultimately, it's about raising a bit of awareness of the pet rescues, trying to show dogs that have come from unfortunate circumstances and backgrounds and showing them being the dogs that they are and deserve to be.

Rescue pup Louise. Picture: Mark Boyle

"Louise is a perfect example, she's a wee fearty but she's an absolutely gorgeous wee dog that deserves to not just be used as a breeding factory."

People can view the exhibit in the bar on Sauchiehall Street all this month and will be able to give donations to Mark's partner charities, Underhuegh Ark rescue and Angels Lifeline, as well as being able to donate to Dogs Trust.

• Variety Bar Dugs runs throughout August at the Variety Bar on Glasgow's Sauchiehall Street

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