Glasgow night club banned from selling alcohol following 'serious assault'

One of Glasgow's best known night clubs has been banned from selling alcohol following an alleged assault on a customer by the club's door stewards.

Published 23rd Apr 2016
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

One-Up, which is situated in the city's Royal Exchange Square, is a popular haunt of Scottish sports stars and actors but now faces punishment by the licensing board following what the police say was a 'serious assault', involving stewards who work for the club.

Following the incident, in which one customer was alleged to have been knocked unconscious and dragged down a flight of stairs to be left in the street and a second 'forcibly ejected', one of the stewards is now facing assault charges and another has been charged with assault and working without the required licence.

A Police statement regarding the incident read: “At 3.09am the male ceases moving and appears to be rendered unconscious.

"Stewards began dragging the male down 25 steps before being dragged out of the premises’ main exit and discarded on the pavement, lying on his back, during which he continues to appear unresponsive”.

The statement added that the second male customer was “forcibly ejected...narrowly missing the unconscious male”.

The unconscious male was later taken to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary after being attended to in the street by the police officers.

Lynnet Leisure’s lawyer later confirmed that all of the stewards involved in the incident had 'been sacked'.

It is unsure for how long the club will be shut, but licensing chiefs say that the restrictions will remain in place until the board are satisfied that staff at the club have received appropriate training.

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