Glasgow-based brewery Drygate to reward beer fans with random acts of kindness

Glasgow-based brewery Drygate is set to reward beer fans with pint-sized gifts for Random Acts of Kindness day.

Published 17th Feb 2020
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

With Scotland recently declared the kindest part of the UK, the popular brewing company is out to preserve that legacy with a campaign to promote random acts of kindness in Glasgow.

Embarking on a mission to make Glasgow the kindest city in the UK, Drygate is launching a beer-fuelled campaign to reward good deeds with great brews.

The brewery will be giving away hundreds of pints in exchange for stories of goodwill this Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17th February.

Glaswegians can nominate deserving individuals on Drygate’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Both nominator and nominee will receive a free pint of Disco Forklift Truck, its signature mango pale ale, at the Drygate bar as a reward.

Drygate is also hitting the streets of Glasgow, with teams visiting members of local businesses and community to reward their kindness with beer.

Beers can be redeemed via a unique two-part voucher, designed to be divided and shared in order to bring people together over a pint.

The special vouchers can also be purchased and shared with a friend via Drygate’s website.

Drygate is donating all proceeds from voucher sales to the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH). This new initiative is the latest charity project to come from Drygate’s Bearface Trust, as it moves forward in its mission of making beer a power for good.

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How people can get involved:

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