'Ginopoly' art print a must have for any Scottish gin fan

Following calls after the success of their recent release of a 'ginopoly' print, Custom monopoly print makers Customopoly have now released a Scottish 'ginopoly' board. 

Published 27th May 2016
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

Posting on their website, the print makers wrote: "With the explosion of Scottish gin distilleries in recent years, there weren't enough placed on the Gin Edition to cover them all; the Scottish Gin Edition goes some way to remedy that.



"Feedback from the Gin Edition indicated there was a desire for this design. Working closely with Logie Whisky, a spirit specialist in Scotland a print was created that features Scottish Gins, new and old."

Featuring 22 different Scottish gins, ranging from older brands like Old Raj and The Botanist through to newer brands like Porter's Gin and Shetland Reel, alongside four of the bigger gin distilleries and several garnishes. The print is the perfect gift for any fan of Scottish gin and is available for £35.

• Find this print and more like it here.


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