Everything you need to know about Glasgow's newest brewpub

The team at the Shilling Brewing Co. tell us everything you need to know about Glasgow's newest brewpub.

Published 16th Jun 2016
Updated 20 th Sep 2023

What is it?

Situated at the corner of West George St and West Nile Street, Shilling Brewing Co. are the first to bring the brewpub experience to the heart of Glasgow.

This is a place where an appreciation of the art and science of brewing is at the core of what we do and for all to see, taste and enjoy.


Glasgow has been pioneering the perfect pint for over 400 years. Shilling Brewing Co. have created a design-led space where everyone can sip, savour and discover beer straight from the source.

A core range of beers is designed to be enjoyed fresh, just metres from where they’re brewed. These are joined by a host of keg, cask, bottles and cans, representing everything from pioneering craft breweries to household legends.

The Shilling Brewing Co. name comes from a play on the old shilling system, a term used to indicate a beer’s alcoholic strength in the Victorian era. Shilling also references the building’s former life as a banking house.

Shilling Brewing Co. is the only brew pub in Glasgow’s city centre. Moving away from the “traditional” brewpub stereotype, it’s a unique, design-led space, where the brewing process will be on show for all to enjoy.

A range of specialist beers will be brewed on site while taps will be rotated on a regular basis.

Do you serve food?

Alongside beer, pizza is a speciality; a match made in heaven.


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Shilling's pizzas are made from scratch in house by Roberto the pizzaiolo, who uses his own special recipe to make his dough along with a blend of baker’s and brewer’s yeast from the on-site brewery.

Proved for 48 hours, the dough is cooked in a cupola oven and topped with a tempting array of fresh ingredients, resulting in the best pizzas, great for sharing along with a pint of your favourite beer.

What are the beers?

On the taps and in the fridges ranges from the old guard to the new wave in beers, cocktails, wines and spirits.


But the focus is obviously our very own craft brews as well as our first small-batch on rotation Full-On Nettle Racket, and we hope to feature more experimental beers going forward so watch this space!

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Here is some info about our beers from the source:

Unicorn IPA

Named after Scotland's national animal, this unique beer triumphantly heralds SBCo.'s arrival on the Scottish brewing scene . Unique and feisty; it's pure magic!

Tasting Notes: A take on an ever-evolving classic. Good deep malt undercurrent is shaken by a slowly surging citrus wave. Lemon and sherbet notes fade to leave a refreshing, lingering bitterness.


Glasgow Red Ale

A pint for the Clydesider and the people who make Glasgow. This is a classic Red Ale - simple as that!

Tasting Notes: Crystal and roasted malts give this ruby red beer its toffee and caramel sweetness. Offset with fruity and spicy hop additions, Glasgow Red is a well-balanced character!

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The Steamie

A nod to Dorothy Paul, and the bittersweet nostalgic history of Glasgow. Create new memories over a pint of this blonde ale - it's worth 'bustin' yer biler' for a taste!

Tasting Notes: Hoppy Blonde Ale. Bursting with tropical notes, this little beer packs a hop punch. Crisp and clean with a touch of grapefruit bitters at the end.

Full-On Nettle Racket

The first small-batch rotational brew has a stinging scream of locally foraged nettles - no dock leaves required. We've literally stripped Queen's Park of nettles so nap it up while you can!

Tasting Notes: Spicy and earthy golden farmhouse ale brewed with foraged nettles. Complex beer with hints of pepper and fruity esters with a warm, dry finish.

How do you make your beer?

A brew day begins just behind our bar, by adding malts to our mash tun, with hot liquor for about an hour, allowing the starch in the malt to be converted into fermentable sugars. This liquid, called sweet wort, is then boiled in the copper kettle where hops are added for bittering, flavour and aroma. After 60-90 mins, the hopped wort is then transferred via a heat-exchanger to our fermentation vessels in the basement of Shilling Brewing Co, where yeast is added. This converts the sugars in the wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide to create beer.


Fermentation takes around 3 days before we chill the beer for about a week to begin maturation. After extracting the yeast, the beer is pumped up to the tanks on our mezzanine level for a week of conditioning. Finally CO2 is added, if we think necessary, before the beer is moved into our serving tanks ready for you to enjoy from the source

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday 12- 2am
Friday-Saturday 12-2am
Sunday 12.30pm-12am


Monday-Thursday 12- 22.00
Friday-Saturday 12- 00.00
Sunday 12-22.00

Where are you?

You’ll find Shilling Brewing Co. right in the heart of Glasgow’s vibrant city centre, just a few minutes’ walk from Queen Street and Central Station.


Shilling Brewing Co.
92 West George Street
G2 1PJ


About the Head Brewer – Declan McCaffrey


Since gaining his MSc in Brewing & Distilling from Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University in 2010, Declan has been brewing up a storm. His first position after graduating was a shift brewer at BrewDog in Fraserburgh, before their move to Ellon. During that time, he was also brewer at Offbeat brewery in Cheshire, a small plant brewing mostly cask ales with a modern spin.

In 2012, Declan became Head Brewer at Clockwork Beer Co. in Glasgow. Again, mostly brewing cask beers, he had the freedom to design many different beer styles and recipes.

Declan has now joined Shilling Brewing Co. to head up the brewing team at Glasgow’s first city centre brewpub.

Quickfire Q&A

What drew to you Shilling Brewing Co.?

I am really excited to be involved with Shilling from the start of the project. It’ll be a real challenge to create our brewpub’s core range of beers, and to work on new recipes, as part of this constantly evolving movement and thirst for craft beer grows. We’re going to have a really modern, forward-thinking approach to the beers we design. Our first small-batch Full-On Nettle Racket gives a flavour of that, we even foraged nettles from Queens Park!

Favourite beer style?

This changes all the time, like a favourite band or song. But if I had to choose, it would likely be something hoppy (and most probably bitter), so IPA or APA.

Hop of the moment?

At the minute I really like Waimea from New Zealand.

Beer drinking city to visit?

London is a really exciting city to be a brewer (or consumer!) but my favourite would probably have to be San Diego.

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