Edinburgh's iconic cocktail bar Panda & Sons unveils new Panda gin

An iconic 'speakeasy' cocktail bar in Edinburgh has teamed up with a spirits company to create a bespoke gin, with a percentage of the profits from any sales being donated to Edinburgh Zoo's panda programme.

Published 7th Jul 2019
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

The award-winning bar staff at Panda & Sons have collaborated with spirits specialists That Boutique-y Gin Company to launch the new limited edition bottling Gin Gin Panda.

Described as a traditional juniper forward gin, the Panda & Sons team say they've made it their own with a recipe featuring botanicals such as Pandan and Jasmine.

Designed to be as tasty in a G & T as it is in a Martini, the new 46% abv gin is available to buy from the bar in 70cl bottles (£36) or online in 50cl (£25.95) from Royal Mile Whiskies.

Panda & Sons gin

The bar team also added that if customers buy the bottle in the bar, not only will they get to enjoy a delicious gin but that will be able to feel good about themselves, as a percentage of the sales will be donated to Edinburgh Zoo to go towards their Panda programme.

One of the city's most unique bars, with a front masquerading as an old-fashioned barber’s shop, Panda & Sons have won numerous plaudits for their expert mixology and are well-known in trade circles as one of the best cocktail establishments in the country.

Iain McPherson, owner of Panda & Sons, said: "We’ve always loved to collaborate, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with That Boutique-y Gin Company to create Gin Gin Panda.

"A gin that is traditional at it’s core but with that Panda & Sons quirkiness of the Pandan and Jasmine botanicals.

"We believe it can be enjoyed in Gin & Tonics, a classic martini and exotic creations such as our Tian Tian cocktail from our new menu. We’ll be giving a percentage of the sales of the cocktail as well as bottle sales towards Edinburgh Zoo for the Pandas - the gin is available to buy from Panda & Sons as well as Royal Mile Whiskies."

Liz Thomas, global sales manager  at That Boutique-y Drinks Company, who heads up their bespoke projects, said: "Working with Panda and Sons was an amazing opportunity to partner with some of the best talent in the industry to demonstrate what we are most proud of at TBGC; innovation and collaboration.

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"Every liquid and design detail was tailored to fit the character and passion of the bar, so it was truly through the creative brains at Panda and Sons that Gin Gin Panda was born. It was awesome to bring the vision to life and something we’re incredible proud to be part of."

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