Edinburgh's eteaket announce launch of brand-new Tea to Go service

In celebration of National Tea Day, eteaket, Edinburgh’s leading leaf tea expert, has announced the launch of its brand-new Tea to Go service at their store on Rose Street.

Published 21st Apr 2017
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Following the launch of their brand-new concept store in November last year, the tea experts will now be offering the service from Monday (24th April) onwards.

The store at 111 Rose Street has become a hub for the capital’s tea lovers and now eteaket founder Erica Moore and her team have bowed to pressure from their customers to provide tea to takeaway.

Moore said: “Our customers have been asking for us to have a menu of takeaway teas to help get them through their working day, so how could we refuse?”

The Tea to Go Menu will be an ever-changing array of speciality teas from the eteaket leaf tearange and will include the likes of the invigorating Breakfast Blend of hand-picked Ceylon and Assam black teas, the elegant Royal Earl Grey - a whole leaf Ceylon tea scented with natural Bergamot Oil and embellished with cornflowers - and the the Blooming Marvellous tea - flavoured Sencha green leaf expertly blended with bright mallow and sunflower petals, exquisite rosebuds, sweet vanilla and fresh tangy fruit.

Eteaket’s speciality tea lattes will also be available on an ever-changing basis. Look out for the Bollywood Chai Tea, Mighty Matcha or Chilli Rooibos Tea Lattes, with a different version to suit every taste.

Moore added that the decision to keep the tea flavours rotating woulod help customers to explore the full range of teas on offer at eteaket, she said: “Our tea menu will be changing daily to showcase the amazing varieties of tea beverages available and to bring a little joy to our customer’s daily lives.

"Our amazing tea-m are on hand to show you how to recreate our beverages at home and to suggest specific teas to try if you’re needing a little pick me up, want to chill out a little or need something to get you through the afternoon slump.

"Personally, I love a refreshing White Peach tea after eating and a Chocolate Abyss tea or tea latte never fails to power me through to the end of the day.”

With the warmer weather coming in, the team have also added the option of purchasing the Cold Brew tea of the day - with the tea steeped overnight in cold water to create a wonderfully refreshing drink -  in specially designed recyclable bottles.

Eteaket's teal and turquoise branding will very much be the focus of
the new takeaway cups with the team aiming to launch reusable cups shortly after the launch, which you’ll be able to buy from the concept store.

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Prices will start a £1.90 for the Hot Tea range, £2 for the Cold Brew Bottles, and £2.50 for the distinctive Tea Lattes.

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