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Edinburgh's Cushiedoos tonic launch 'buy one get two tree' offer

Scottish drink brand Cushiedoos recently announced plans for a new initiative that will see them plant two trees for every case sold.

Published: April 5, 2021
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Cushiedoos, an Edinburgh based business that offers a quinine-free tonic, plans to play an active role in fighting the carbon climate crisis by launching a tree planting initiative this April.

The company is looking to help trade customers play a role in helping to fight the carbon climate crisis with their “buy 1 get 2 tree” initiative.

Owner and founder, Andrew Ligertwood, explained that for every 12 bottles of Cushiedoos bought, the firm will plant one tree, meaning that two trees will be planted for every 24 bottle case sold to trade customers via their wholesale suppliers.

Andrew claimed that while continuing to provide drinks remains to be the main foundation of the business, he now places tree planting at the heart of its business purpose to help tackle our global carbon crisis.

Although Cushiedoos as a company is still in its infancy, Andrew went on to explain this decision: "When trading conditions have been challenging for us and our customers, this greater purpose has helped us to remember that there is a greater achievement that we and our customers can all focus on.

"This is our way of playing a part in fighting our global carbon climate crisis. It’s gone too far not to have this as a focus for every company as I see it."

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Andrew talked passionately about his initiative and is keen to point out that this is more than just an eco tick box exercise.

He sees that although there are many important environmental issues to support, it all means nothing if we don’t have a planet with a balance of ecosystems to actually live and survive on.

Andrew was keen to point out that there needs to be continual improvement throughout all their operations to ensure the lowest environmental impact.

He added that he understands many people will often feel too small to make a real difference and that this is the Cushiedoos way of helping consumers feel like the buying choices they make are also good ethical choices for our planet.

He said: "We are still a small business and we hope this will form another key reason of why it is good to make Cushiedoos part of your buying choice.

"For the Cushiedoos trade customers it’s a simple message buy 1 get 2 tree.

"We sell them a case of 24 bottles and as well as growing their business and improving its proposition they have the chance of doing good through their business operations too."

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Speaking about his drive to do more for the planet with their initiative in partnership with Eden Reforestion Projects, the tree planting will be taking place in three countries – Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

He explained that these countries have vast deforested areas that their partners at Eden Projects have set aside to reforest and rewild. Of the trees planted 75 per cent of them will be mangrove saplings.

Andrew added: "Mangroves are truly fantastic trees. These little gems are ten times more effective at capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

"They are real-life planet heroes. They manage to not only take in carbon through their leaves, branches and trunks, they also store it in their roots and the surrounding soil.

"These mangroves can be planted on both land and in wetland areas making them very versatile.

"The encouraging news is that the trees we plant will also go on to set further seed and so it is likely far more trees will grow there as a result.

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"The Eden Project also helps provide employment to poorer communities and other projects such as local education.

"Accredited by Gold Standard, their tree planting ensures an ethical and sustainable approach to both climate and community."

Though the plan had been originally to plant in Scotland, Andrew quickly realised they could fund planting 28 trees in these countries to every one they could in Scotland.

"It’s about the greater impact we can make on carbon capture and given this is a global problem, I thought I should just get on with planting forests now.

"We will of course be looking to plant trees in Scotland too. Watch this space.

"Cushiedoos can help us deliver a far better way of doing our bit for the planet.

"Not only do you feel better drinking a healthier tonic water (made with botanicals and no quinine) but you can feel better in yourself that you are supporting a business trying to make a real change."

Find out more about the initiative on the company website.

Cushiedoos aims to be just the tonic for Scotland’s gin scene

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