Edinburgh's Cushiedoos release new Pink Grapefruit & Rosehip soda

Cushiedoos, the Edinburgh-based drinks business, has launched a new mixer.

Published 9th Feb 2022
Updated 9 th Feb 2022

Cushiedoos, the three time Great Taste award-winning brand, has branched out beyond G&Ts to offer a new mixer for a wide range of spirits like gin, vodka, rum, tequila and mezcal.

Speaking of the new launch, Andrew Ligertwood, the founder of Cushiedoos said: “Last year we improved our branding and launched our tree planting initiative.

"Now it’s time to share what we’ve been keeping under wraps for some time - our very tasty new Pink Grapefruit and Rosehip soda.

"This launch follows our flagship Superior Tonic’s successes and we look forward to bringing this to you in your local bars as well as a 4 pack offering as well.

"It’s another strong step forward for the business following both international growth and more recently greater retail presence through its premium tonic 4 pack listing in a number of Scottish Co-op stores.

"Our tonic water is establishing a loyal and growing base of consumers and performs well against its competitors. With added excitement Andrew explains “While this mixer can still pair with Gin & Vodka, this launch opens up our spirits pairings for emerging spirit categories like dark rum, tequila and mezcal.”

Andrew added “As with our premium tonic, we use the finest ingredients to deliver a superior tasting soda which is also natural with no nasties.

"The great news is our tasty little soda is low in sugar without compromising on offering drinkers a better tasting Pink Grapefruit mixer.”

Andrew also explained that the new premium mixer will plant one tree for every dozen bottles sold as it does with its tonic water, saying “Our planting of trees remains at the core of our business purpose.”

Cushiedoos is already in available in hotels such as The Fife Arms Hotel, The Torridon, Trump Turnberry, The Links House Hotel at Royal Dornoch and closer to home in Edinburgh at The Waldorf Astoria Pompadour, The Sheraton Grand, Tigerlily and Rabble in Edinburgh.

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Andrew continues to aim high with more exciting developments to come as well as continuing to grow globally.

Cushiedoos tonic

Cushiedoos is an Edinburgh based business that's reinventing the mixer drink market, spearheaded by its quinine-free tonic water.

In 2017 Andrew decided that lovers of craft gin deserved a better tonic to mix with their G&Ts.

He set out to source ingredients locally in Scotland, and ended up reinventing tonic water.

By removing quinine from his recipe and replacing it with Scottish botanicals like heather and silver birch, Andrew created a tonic designed to enhance mixed craft spirits with a smoother, cleaner aftertaste that doesn’t overpower or dry the palate.

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Originally developed as a medical remedy for malaria, tonic water has contained quinine since the 1600s.

Today’s tonic waters are largely unchanged and most tend to overpower the delicate botanicals in craft spirits often using more sugar, artificial sweeteners or other flavours to soften the bitterness of quinine.

Cushiedoos (pronounced coo-she-doos) is uniquely made with a blend of botanicals (Scottish heather, Scottish silver birch, yellow gentian and wormwood) and is quinine-free.

The business launched its tree planting initiative in April 2021 based around the founder’s passion to play their part in fighting the carbon climate crisis through its “Buy 1 get 2 tree” initiative.

Cushiedoos superior tonic is sold in packs of 24 at £1.30 RRP per 200ml SKU and in 4 packs of 200ml at £4.25 - available to the on and off trade via eight wholesalers.

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Cushiedoos superior Pink Grapefruit & Rosehip Soda is sold in packs of 24 at £1.30 RRP per 200ml SKU and in 4 packs of 200ml at £4.25.

Known for cake making, experimental jam recipes, Champagne, whisky and gin drinking (and the inability to cook Gnocchi), Rosalind is the Food and Drink Editor and whisky writer for The Scotsman, as well as hosting Scran, The Scotsman's food and drink podcast.
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