Edinburgh 'unhealthier than Glasgow' as number of fast food franchises tops recent UK survey

Earlier this year, it was reported that Britain has ‘the worst diet in Europe’ and that our consumption of highly-processed junk food is four times greater than countries such as Greece, Italy and France

Published 9th Jul 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

So how many takeaway franchises does each UK city require to fuel such an overwhelming amount of fast food consumption?

A recent survey by FXTM put together some detailed research and presented the findings in a series of heat maps.

These show that the UK is absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to fast food outlets, and some of the results are not what you'd expect.

With regards to Scotland, FXTM found that Edinburgh is the Starbucks capital of the UK, as it has one Starbucks for every 8,000 people.

Quite a feat but then the survey also found that we drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee every day.

It also found that the capital is listed amongst the unhealthiest cities, boasting 23.91 fast food franchises for every 100,000 people.

That's about 9 more fast food outlets than Glasgow as it has 14.77/

The rest of the UK shaped up as follows:

Cardiff is the unhealthiest city when it comes to fast food restaurants, with 30 fast food franchises for every 100,000 people. This means the Welsh capital has approximately 23 more fast food restaurants per 100k people than the healthiest city, Sheffield, which only has six.

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Cambridge is the coffee franchise capital of the UK with approximately 20 coffee franchises for every 100k people.

If you are student studying in the city of Oxford, then you have the absolute luxury of eight pizza restaurants for every 100k people. This makes Oxford the pizza capital of the UK.

If you live in Newcastle, you live in the McDonalds capital of the UK with one McDonalds per 19k people.

Birmingham is the city with the most Greggs restaurants overall, while Cardiff takes the crown as the city with the most Greggs outlets per capita.

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