Edinburgh Restaurant Festival series: Q&A with Martin Krizovensky, Chef de partie, Cadiz

Find out about the chefs and outlets involved in the Edinburgh Restaurant Festival, which is on now

Published 20th Feb 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

With the Edinburgh Restaurant Festival happening now, we chat to some of the chefs involved.

This week it is the turn of Martin Krizovensky, Senior Sous Chef, Chef de partie, Cadiz.

How did you get into cooking?

After university in Slovakia I wanted to travel and went to the Netherlands. I started working in a restaurant in The Hague, I started in the bar and eventually moved into the kitchen, which I really enjoyed. I continued cooking when I moved to Scotland.

What’s your favourite dish on the menu?


We have great lobster here. We recently got a new Head Chef at the restaurant, who has Michelin star experience, so he really knows what he is doing.

The lobsters are really fresh, and are prepared with care and skill, so I would definitely recommend the seafood platter.

Otherwise, I would choose our gratin-style dish, which is poached salmon and cod, baked in a cream sauce with a Manchego breadcrumb crust - it’s really quite nice!

Any tips for amateur cooks?

Picture: CADIZ, George Street, Edinburgh

I think everything is about attitude, it doesn’t matter if it is cooking, or playing a musical instrument or anything, you just need to go for it.

Talent is important, but it helps so much if you have the right attitude and are passionate about what you do.

It’s easy to find information, but one of the best things is to learn from other people, someone who has the skills already can teach you so much.

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What’s always in your fridge at home?

Just now there is some homemade humous but not a lot else because I spend so much time here cooking for other people!

Do you have a favourite cookbook?

Not really, but I get a lot of inspiration from chefs who have more experience than me.

What is your idea of food heaven?

Mashed potatoes. A very simple dish, although it’s really hard to get it spot on, but when you do, it’s heaven!



77b George Street,


0131-226 3000

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