Edinburgh pub has hilarious response to pubs reopening in England

Pubs in England are allowed to reopen with restrictions in place as of 4 July.

Published 24th Jun 2020
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Staff at an Edinburgh pub have made a hilarious request to their English counterparts in the wake of lockdown restrictions easing.

As of 23 June, Boris Johnson announced that pubs in England will be able to reopen from 4 July.

With restrictions still in place in Scotland, Dreadnought, in Leith, has asked pubs south of the border not to run themselves into any risk of forcing hospitality businesses to have to shut doors a second time, to give them a chance to reopen.

In a tweet the pub said: “English friends! Please don't **** this up. We'd like to reopen at some point, too.”

The Dreadnought made a name for itself earlier this year after becoming one of the first pubs to announce a flat ban on ‘jobby catchers’ and ‘mankles’.

‘Jobby catchers’ are your classic two-piece tracksuit (preferably the same colour) while ‘mankles’ are usually worn by the more ‘hipster’ type, with turn-up jeans twinned with a bare ankle.

The pub, on North Fort Street, put the ban in place as a reaction to those wearing tracksuits ‘infiltrating’ the pub.

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"The number of people in intensive care has fallen by 90 per cent and while it is the case that one person dying from this virus is one too many, we've also seen a very significant and sustained decline in the number of those deaths.”

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