Scot angers fellow BrewDog fans by scamming the system to get cheap beer using honesty campaign

BrewDog have launched a new campaign to allow beer fans to pay what they think the beer in their bars are worth, and some people have been taking advantage...

Published 5th Jun 2019
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The craft beer giant announced last month that it was, for a limited time, turning its venues into honesty bars. The campaign is called Honest to Dog and allows BrewDog’s community of over 106,000 Equity Punks the chance to pay what they feel for the bar's beers.

Those who underpay, a full feedback card must be filled out to explain why less money was given. And for anyone overpaying, the money will be split 50/50 between the BrewDog Foundation and the team in the BrewDog bar.

While this seemed like a good idea in theory, one punk in particular was quick to take advantage of the honesty bar, paying £11.81 for a bill that totalled £84.70. Posting a picture of the two bills on Facebook, the fan said: "cheers".

BrewDog campaign


Many BrewDog fans were quick to criticise with one Facebook user commenting: "Reasons? As a shareholder I am keen to know what's up with the product." Another added: "If it was that bad, why did you stay for so many beers?"

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Another said: "That's an absolute disgrace. You should be ashamed! That's no reflection on BrewDog or the bar staff that were serving you. That's a clear reflection you have given us of the kind of person you are."

The original poster replied with a picture of more beers and commented: "£1.50 again. I am staying in the pub to laugh at your comments."

There were then calls to the page admin to ban as he 'clearly wasn't a fan.'

One comment tried to sum up the situation: "It was a stupid idea as this predictable behaviour proves but if you're an EFP angry at money being wasted, blame whoever came up with this money haemorrhaging plan in the first place."

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