New 'Scottish mountain lager' launched by Aberdeenshire brewery

An Aberdeenshire brewery has launched a new premium lager which has been designed to reflect the "purity of the Scottish mountains".

Published 5th Feb 2019
Updated 5 th Feb 2019

Handmade using just four natural ingredients - Scottish water, barley, hops and yeast - TORR Lager has been created by the team behind Beer Story, and it is hoped the new product will put Aberdeenshire on the map as a producer of premium lager.

Named after a tor rock formation, TORR is brewed at Beer Story’s independent brewery in Insch, based on the Bavarian method of allowing the lager to ferment at a cave temperature of 2 degrees and brewing for at least four weeks.

TORR lager
Picture: Ross Johnston

With an ABV of 4 per cent, the lager is described as "mildly aromatic and refreshing, with a crisp, dry taste, medium carbonation and a light straw colour".

Neil Stirton, an experienced brewer who joined the team last year and has been overseeing the brewing process, stated that Scotland’s climate makes it perfect for brewing lager.

He said: “The cold temperatures of Scotland make it an ideal location for using the traditional Bavarian method of brewing,” he said. “Some of the base ingredients were sourced from Germany but as up to 95 per cent of the ingredients in the brewing process is water, we wanted to ensure that the product was brewed in Scotland, using 100 per cent Scottish water.

“Water has a key role in the flavour and final quality of the product due to the fact the mineral content of water can be altered according to the requirements of the beer style being brewed. This takes a lot of skill and we have worked hard to get TORR Lager just right before the official launch.”

TORR will be available on draught and in 330ml bottles in a number of hand-picked bars, restaurants and pubs in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire with plans for online sales later this year.

As sales increase, the team plans to expand the volume and the number of stockists, moving into other cities and eventually into exporting, establishing Aberdeenshire as a leading producer of premium lager.

Philip Anderson, TORR’s business development manager, said: “We wanted to create a Scottish lager which uses Scottish water and reflects the pure, clean air of our mountains. TORR is the result, with just four ingredients and no chemicals, colourings or preservatives.

“We know that people tend to drink considerably more lager than beer or craft ales so we saw a gap in the market for a quality Scottish lager. We have spent months developing and refining the product and believe we have created a bold new alternative to more established lagers.

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“The brand is inspired by mountains and is easy to remember. We are proud to brew TORR in Aberdeenshire and we hope local people will respond well to a local product which reflects the clean air and mountainous landscape Scotland is known for.”

Bespoke Torr Lager Stein glasses have been created alongside the brown glass bottles.

Following the launch in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, Philip plans to significantly build the profile of the brand and increase stockists, distribution outlets and online sales.

“We want TORR Lager to be the premium Scottish lager of choice in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and other markets beyond the North-east as our distribution grows,” he added. “Our aim is to be seen as a serious competitor in the lager market in the UK and beyond.”

Current stockists of TORR Lager include College, Soul, Angus and Ale and 6 Degrees North in Aberdeen as well as Borsalino’s in Peterculter,  Four Mile in Kingswells and (from March) the Clachan Grill in Ballater.

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