Martin Compston on hopes for UK launch of Restless Natives beer ahead of BBC Scotland Norwegian Fling travel show

Martin Compston will release a beer this year, named after his podcast Restless Natives.

Published 21st Feb 2024
Updated 21 st Feb 2024

The Line of Duty star hopes to bring his Restless Natives lager to the UK, as he discusses new BBC travel show, Martin Compston's Norwegian Fling.

Martin Compston has revealed he hopes to launch his Restless Natives lager in the UK, after announcing an American launch in late 2023.

We sat down with the actor and his friend, Phil MacHugh, ahead of the second series of their travel show, which airs from 22 February on BBC Scotland and iPlayer.

After travelling Scotland in Martin Compston's Scottish Fling, the duo are on the road again but this time in Norway.

In Martin Compston's Norwegian Fling, the pair's adventures include roller-skiing to zip-lining down a sky jump towering in the sky on the outskirts of Oslo, to being on stage and crowd-surfing at a Black Metal concert.

Martin also gets up close with a wolf, as well doing the driving, and both belting out ‘the tunes’.

Over the course of the series, the friends enjoy a dip in the water after a hot sauna, revel in an outdoor jacuzzi, and are ‘all at sea’ for a day of North Sea oil rig and helicopter safety training and for a day as deck hands on a fishing boat. They also sample Norwegian food, including a sheep’s head, as well as a Michelin Star meal.

As well as acting and starring in this travel programme, Martin also co-hosts a podcast, Restless Natives, with broadcaster Gordon Smart.

It's on here that he's discussed wanting to bring out a whisky, but the pair have turned their attention to beer and, after teaming up with LA brewery Boomtown, the Restless Natives lager will be out this year.

Boomtown Brewery, co-owned by Aryshire born Charles Lew, has an ale with a nod to Scotland, named Killwinning.

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Speaking on the Restless Natives podcast, Charles talked about this beer and how it was the first Scottish beer they did. It was inspired by his mum, as she was from there, and memories of the town.

Martin is keen to make is available in the UK, and is looking for a brewery to work with. Of this he said: "I've got a pal in LA who owns a brewery. I've been working with him so I think some point later the year hopefully we'll all be drinking Restless Natives beer."

He also described the beer, saying it's inspired by Mexican beer and is not too heavy - you can have a few pints and not feel too full.

Martin Compston Restless Natives beer
Martin Compston meets some wolves on the new BBC travel show Picture: BBC Scotland/Tern TV

The original plan was to release a Wolf's head whisky, which Martin explained: "the idea behind the (Restless Natives) podcast is the clown and the wolf man and we talked about releasing a whisky (co-host Gordon Smart has ties to the industry via Copper Dog whisky).

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"I wanted to create a striking bottle, because everyone will see that - it'd stand out. What makes you want o try something new? It's a striking bottle."

This has taken a back seat, Martin said, due to the number of celebrity whiskies in the market just now, but he's 'certain on the beer'.

Martin also told us about his favourite places to eat when he's home in Scotland, as well as his desert island drinks - a dram of The Glenrothes, a bottle of Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon and Irn Bru - as well as his favourite Scottish foods.

You can find out more, and listen to the full episode, by searching Scran wherever you get your podcasts.

Martin Compston's Norwegian Fling will air on BBC Scotland from 22 February, and BBC Two and iPlayer from 23 February.

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