You can swim in the world's first beer-filled swimming pools at this centuries-old castle brewery

Beer lovers can fully immerse themselves in their favourite drink with a trip to the wonderfully unique “beer-swimming-pools” at a brewery in Austria.

Published 29th Aug 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The Schloss Starkenberger brewery in Tarrentz, is the location of what is believed to the world's only beer-filled swimming pools.

Visitors can relax by submerging themselves in one of seven 13-foot pools filled with a beer.

According to the brewery's website, the basins are filled with approx. 12,000 litres of water and "enriched with 300 litres of beer".

According to the brewery, bathing in the pools is good for the skin and can help with various skin conditions due to the high concentration of both calcium and vitamins found in the beer.

It also claimed that skin conditions such as psoriasis and open wounds are also soothed by the hoppy mixture, while the Carbonic acid found in the beer is also great for blood circulation.

Thankfully, there also fresh glasses of beer on hand to enjoy while you bathe, meaning guests don't have to drink the pool beer (which is heated and of course, filled with other people).

Located just a few hours outside Munich, the Starkenberger Brewery Castle and its stunning surrounds are the perfect place to unwind and guests can expect to pay around 250 euros per session, with four people able to enjoy each of the pools at anyone time.

The tubs, which can be found the former fermentation cellar of the 700-year-old castle, were transformed into a beer spa in 2005 after newer equipment rendered the vaults obsolete.

Designed by artist Wernfried Poschusta, they have become a huge draw for the centuries old brewery which sells its beer small surrounding region of Tyrol.

It seems the tourist attraction is a huge hit on Trip Advisor with one user posting: "This was one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life. We had the whole beer pool and lounge area all to ourselves, with an endless supply of beer. Doesn't get much better than that!"

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While another added: "My husband and I had a wonderful, unforgettable, amazing evening in the beer pool. Yes, it's pricey, but it was so worth it. Of course, now all the other beer spas kind of pale in comparison. Our beer pool experience was the most fun I've had in a long while!"

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