BrewDog is giving out free beer to fans dressed as Elvis Presley this weekend

Scottish brewing BrewDog is celebrating last week’s trademark victory over the Elvis Presley Estate by giving away a free schooner of BrewDog Elvis Juice to fans visiting any of its bars for two days in February, dressed as Elvis Presley.

Published 29th Jan 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

On Saturday 3rd or Sunday 4th February, anyone dressed as the American legend, will receive a free Elvis Juice, the grapefruit-infused IPA, which was first launched in 2015.

The branding for the new beer saw the Aberdeenshire and US based brewer hit with a lawsuit from the Rock & Roll singer’s estate alleging it infringed on its trademark and requesting BrewDog change the beer's name.

In reaction to the legal challenge, co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie changed their first names to Elvis by deed poll in 2016 to demonstrate the lack of exclusivity of the name Elvis.

After losing the trademark battle in 2017, BrewDog appealed, and last Thursday, the UKIPO ruled in its favour.

The third best selling craft beer in the UK, sales of the beer exceeded £5.5million in 2017.

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In October last year, the brewery launched its fifth round of Equity for Punks, looking to raise at least £10million, with a stretch goal of up to £50 million, in order to further its global expansion, including the construction of new breweries in Australia and Asia, the opening of 15 new craft beer venues in the UK, increasing production capacity in its UK brewery, and the creation of a dedicated craft beer TV network.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: “This is a victory for common sense. It’s a triumph for all underdogs battling against corporate inflexibility and entrenched hubris.

"It’s a win for the thousands of beer drinkers across the world that have been refreshed by amazing craft beer, and have so passionately supported us over the last three years. This is a vindication of our belief in freedom and our dogged decision to appeal the initial ruling, and not go gently into the night.”

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