Top Scottish craft beers to toast summer in the city

We asked the top craft beer suppliers in Edinburgh and Glasgow to tell us what is hot in the cooling fridges this heat wave.

Published 28th May 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

In Glasgow, orange zest in beer is this summer's trendiest taste, while over in Edinburgh they're on the raspberry and gin-infused beer with Himalayan Sea Salt.

Top three summer beers as recommended by Craig Campbell from Grunting Growler in Glasgow

Marmalade on Rye

(Brewed by: Tempest Brew Co., Style: double IPA)

Picture: Tempest

Tempest in the Borders do a Marmalade on Rye which is selling very well. It's a double IPA, it's strong at 9% but with orange zest it's nice and summery. Orange zest is a very popular theme this summer, with Curious Orange by North Brewery also selling well.


(Brewed by: Fallen Brewing Style: Pale Ale)

Picture: Fallen

Grapevine is made by Fallen Brewing in Stirlingshire. It's a light-bodied pale ale which is light and summery and not too heavy in the hot weather. Platform Sea, the IPA, is also very popular just now.

Properly Tropical

(Brewed by: Out of Town Style: IPA)

Picture: Out of Town Facebook

Properly Tropical is made by Out of Town, based in Cumbernauld. It's done with lots of fruit, and we've been selling lots of crates of this. We also have a designated tap for Out of Town in our shop. They do some really good beers.

Top three summer beers as recommended by Peter Sherry, owner of the Beerhive in Edinburgh

Cosmic Ripple

(Brewed by: Barney's, Style: Red rye raspberry sour)

Barney's Cosmic Ripple is a red rye raspberry sour. It's quite different, with a stronger, lovely ice-cream-esque taste, with a lot more body and character than other fruit beers. It's a good summer beer because it's got good body and it's light.

Long Time

(Brewed by: Black Isle Brewery Style: IPA)

Black Isle Brewery have a brand new Long Time IPA with a big hoppy, resinous, refreshing taste.

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It's a classic American style IPA , at 6.9% with crisp citrus from new world hops, and a good balanced amount of piney bitterness. It's great on a hot day.

Are Friends Electric?

(Brewed by: Tempest Brewing Co. Style: Gose)

I definitely think Are Friends Electric? bring the world of gin and beer together which can only be a good thing. It's made by a collaboration between Electric Spirit Gin Company in Leith and Tempest Brewery. Gose is a salty German summer style of beer and it's only 4.5%.

They've got Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Coriander Seed, and Kaffir Lime Leaf. They've taken the botanics of gin and put them into a German sour style beer. People are getting more and more into sour beers and it's so refreshing on a hot day. That's just out.

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Claire Daly is a freelance journalist based in Edinburgh. She writes for The Scotsman, Scottish Woman and Made magazine. She comes from a family of chefs and especially enjoys puddings, unusual drinks and locally sourced produce.
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