Arran Brewery to release limited edition cans of Arran Blonde

Arran Brewery has released a limited edition run of cans of 'ab', the craft version of Arran Blonde, their best selling ale.

Published 12th May 2017
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

Arran say the venture into canning follows the recent trend of craft producers offering their brews in cans rather than the more traditional glass bottles.

With the release of the 330ml cans, managing director Gerald Michaluk said the new packaging reflected their need to "keep up with the market", he commented: "We brew some of the best beers in the country, in fact the world, and have the awards to prove it. However, our traditional ales take time to be discovered by the craft beer fraternity that tends to be younger then our traditional market of responsible ale drinkers.

"While I have always considered our beer craft beer and we are, indeed, certified as an Independent Craft Beer Producer by SIBA the industries largest trade body, our beer are often over looked by the new craft beer enthusiast. The new market of Responsible Craft Drinkers, are often drawn to canned products and bright livery of the US craft brewers and of course the Crafty imitations coming out of the international breweries pretending to be craft beer. So we hope to accelerate the Craft consumers discovery of Arran Beers by offering our beers in cans."

The Arran Brewery has now concluded a distribution arrangement with a major brewer that will allow Arran Beers to be made available to all supermarket, wholesale and pubco customers throughout the UK.

Veronica Michaluk, the companies logistics director and daughter of Managing Director Gerald Michaluk, said: “For some time we have been trying to extend out distribution out with Scotland and have organised raiding parties South of the border to drop beer direct to customers and this effort has built a small following for our beer that is now paying off and I am now pleased to say that we will shortly be able to deliver our full range of beers in Cask, Keg, Bottle and of course Can to anywhere in the UK”

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