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Brewdog set to take revenge on Diageo?

Scottish craft brewing giants Brewdog have posted an ominous message on their blog simply entitled: 'Brewdog and Diageo = Payback time'.

Published: February 10, 2016
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'Good things come to those who wait', reads the start of the recent blog post and it seems the craft brewers are indeed threatening to take revenge on Diageo, after it was alleged the international drinks giant blocked them from winning an award at a prestigious drinks awards ceremony in Glasgow, back in 2012.

Brewdog took offence to what they saw as blackmail by Diageo, who the Fraserburgh company say threatened to pull their sponsorship of the award ceremony should Brewdog win, forcing the BII (British Institute of Innkeeping) to present the award to someone else on the night, despite the fact that Brewdog's name was already inscribed on the award.

Picture: Brewdog

Brewdog posted a picture of the reports on the story at the time on their blog. Picture: Brewdog

Brewdog responded with the hashtag #andthewinnerisnot - which ended up trending globally - highlighting the situation and eventually forcing the larger company to back down and apologise.

It seems that Brewdog have simply been waiting to get there own back, they finished the blog post with this ominous statment: "We have been plotting our revenge for a long time. And our revenge will be just as absurd as the original incident itself.

"It maybe that we have sat on a grudge for over 3 years. Or it maybe that we have had much better things to do with our time. Let’s hope Diageo has a sense of humour.

"After all, tick follows tock follows tick. Here’s to waiting (for another twenty-four hours at least)…"

There is much speculation about what they intend to do but it looks like we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see.

Though if it's anything like Brewdog's previous stunts, our guess is it will be the launch of a particular type of beer that will look to challenge Diageo's pride and joy.

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