Belvedere to launch organic infusions - and they're ideal for summer

Vodka fans can soon buy a new range from Belvedere.

Published 31st May 2021
Updated 31 st May 2021

Belvedere is set to launch Belvedere Organic Infusions, made with organic Polish rye vodka, organic fruits and botanicals.

This range of premium organic flavoured vodkas is Belvedere’s first certified organic spirits.

This means that the new infusions are crafted only with ingredients that are farmed with no artificial pesticides, additives, or chemicals, allowing the natural taste of each ingredient to shine through.

President and CEO of Belvedere, Rodney Williams said: “Organic products, while not new, are still quite uncommon in the spirits industry despite there being fast-growing consumer interest.

“We only craft spirits of natural taste and character, and place great effort in delivering flavour and quality in our vodkas.

"To add organic vodkas to our portfolio affirms Belvedere commitment to category innovation and consumers’ heightened interest in refined product flavour profiles in vodka. It’s a sign of the times.

"Palates have evolved as have the tastes of consumers who have increasingly embraced organic products.

"What’s great about our Belvedere Organic Infusions is that they are distinctive but pleasing and highly accessible flavours from the very first sip – with no additives, in accordance with the legal regulations of Polish Vodka that dictate nothing can be added.”

Mike Foster, global brand ambassador added: “We’re delighted to be introducing Belvedere’s first organic products into the UK – we feel that the time is right and the demand is there from consumers looking for more natural tastes and flavours.

"Our new Organic Infusions range, coupled with our Made with Nature campaign, demonstrates that Belvedere is dedicated to evolving the vodka category into one more rich in substance, more comfortable with the natural approach and more in tune with well-being and responsible lifestyle choices.”

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The Belvedere Organic Infusions range is made up of three flavour combinations - Blackberry, Lemongrass with a hint of sage, Lemon, Basil with a touch of elderflower and Pear, Ginger and a drop of Linden honey.

The team suggest that the organic infusions are best savoured in long vodka sodas - ideal for warm summer weather.

The new Belvedere Organic Infusions are available from Amazon from 7 June 2021, RRP around £37 (per 70cl bottle), as well as various on trade outlets.

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