Cold Town House to launch microbrewery tours with tastings and pizza

As Scotland emerges from lockdown and the pubs are back in action one of the country’s leading independent breweries is launching exciting brewery tours, set to launch in time for Father’s Day.

Published 31st May 2021
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Cold Town House in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket will take beer drinkers through the journey to see how their beer is made in the on-site microbrewery and sent straight to the kegs in the bar to ensure the freshest product is poured for drinkers.

Cold Town House will initially launch dates in June for the microbrewery tour which is conducted by brewer and enthusiastic Cold Town Beer ambassador, Luke Bryant who has worked his way up through the company to his dream job.

To create an intimate experience which adheres to Covid guidelines, tours will be available for groups of four to six to begin with, and will extend to 12 as guidelines allow.

The experience will see the group given a highly personalised experience of seeing where and how the pints are made, beers to taste and a pizza to enjoy.

Beer fans will have a unique opportunity to see a working microbrewery, learn about the historic significance of brewing in the Grassmarket and how Cold Town Beer pays homage to this, enjoy a tasting and learn about what makes each of the brews unique and bar raised.

As the tours are hosted in Cold Town House, a working bar and microbrewery, you will be able to see how this operates and follow the pipes from tank to tap.

The brewing team will be on hand to talk through the process and how they create their recognisable flavours, with lots of time for questions and answers.

Ed Evans, Head Brewer at Cold Town Brewery said: “Cold Town Beer was first launched in 2018 as a draught beer for beer drinkers and really appeals to craft beer lovers throughout the UK.

“Our craft lager has already been tried, tested and loved on draught by drinkers in bars across Scotland.

"All of our brews begin their journey in bars, and then are brought online when we feel that we’ve received a seal of approval from our customers who drink them and the bar teams who help create them.

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"We’re always brainstorming to get the ‘bar raised’ on all our brews without taking ourselves too seriously.

“We were inspired to launch a microbrewery, experiential and multifaceted venue at Cold Town House.

“We launched our first lager back in 2018 and since then have been working closely with the bar staff across the Scottish on trade to hear exactly what their customers want.

"Following the success of our core beers we realised, we were going to need a bigger boat.

"We are lucky to have a fantastic portfolio of brews and bars to allow our customers to discover and enjoy.”

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Tours will run every second Thursday from 5:30pm, and every second Saturday from 1pm at present, costing £30 per adult.

To book in for a tour the reservations team can be emailed at

Cold Town Beer was first launched in 2018 as a draught beer for beer drinkers.

The brewery was named in honour of Calton Hill Brewery in Edinburgh, which was the first in Britain to brew lager in 1835.

The brewery was situated in the Edinburgh suburb, Caldtoun, at the bottom of a large hill, which we now know to be Calton Hill.

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Over 20 different beers have been brewed by Cold Town Brewery to date. Styles include pale ales, IPA’s, pilsner, saison & berliner-weisse sour beers.

Cold Town House in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket includes a taproom and roof terrace with fantastic views of Edinburgh Castle.

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