BABA Edinburgh introduces new Levant summer menu

Popular Levantine inspired restaurant BABA has launched its brand-new summer menu for locals and visitors of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to indulge in this August.

Published 15th Aug 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

BABA situated at the west end of Edinburgh’s George Street boasts mezze style dining in a unique intimate setting that invites guests to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

With its new summer menu, BABA is set to treat all food lovers in the capital to a host of new flavour combinations.

BABA’s team have curated a light menu using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

Paired with the vast range of new and refined summer drinks and cocktails, customers will be treated to the beautiful summer flavours of the Levantine when dining at the city centre restaurant.

The menu is continuously inspired by the eastern Mediterranean and the new, seasonal dishes will join a host of flavoursome BABA favourites such as the ever-popular haggis and harissa kibbeh as well as the classic cauliflower fritters with zhug and crème fraîche.

Picture: the new mains

New dishes on the ever-popular mezze menu include the Beiruti Burrata (£7.00) which can be enjoyed with BABA’s signature home-baked pitta.

From the grill, new additions include the succulent monkfish with jalapeño yoghurt, grilled potato and olive (£13.00)hand-dived scallops, chermoula, tzatziki and preserved lemon (£14.00) and Iberico pork neck, tomato and cinnamon bamia, saffron, feta and cashew nut (£10.00).

Picture: Monkfish with jalapeno yoghurt, grilled potato and olive

For those looking for something sweet, the new menu offers a refreshing frozen raspberry soufflé, preserved lemon granita (£6.00) and fresh and an enticing date sorbet, hibiscus granita, cardamon biscuit (£4.50).

The ornate and beautiful BABA interiors create an intimate yet relaxed ambiance within the restaurant.

The communal, mezze style dining has been a hit amongst Edinburgh locals for a leisurely dinner with friends.

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A specially-commissioned mural of the ‘host’, Mr Baba, a fictitious character based on a vintage photograph found in a souk in Turkey, provides the backdrop to the bar counter.

Tim Spence, food and beverage manager, said“At BABA, we are passionate about constantly evolving with new and unique food trends and the change in seasons.

"With the glorious weather we’ve been enjoying in Edinburgh, our team has created a menu offering guests a lighter, summer-inspired selection of dishes that perfectly compliment the BABA favourites still on offer.

"We hope to welcome a whole host of locals and tourists into BABA over the exciting Edinburgh fringe period – where they can also enjoy a BABA cocktail in the afternoon sun at our brand new outdoor seating area.”

Picture: the new desserts

The bar interior has been designed by award-winning designers at Goddard Littlefair, and the PRINCIPAL hotel design team.

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The bar itself, refurbished with a re-finished, dark-stained, timber bar front and re-used zinc bar top, is replete with the signs of ageing and character from its previous life.

The bar ceiling is painted in a rich teal tone, with multiple antique framed mirrors attached to it, reflecting the activity beneath.

The interconnecting spaces within the restaurant pay homage to period elements of the buildings such as the Georgian-era tiling designs infused with Levantine influences such as a vibrant colour scheme, industrial ‘distressed’ design finishes, rugs hanging on the walls, vintage travel posters, and lots of mirrors to refract interesting views.

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