8 interesting whiskies to try this World Whisky Day

It's World Whisky Day soon.

Published 13th May 2021
Updated 13 th May 2021

If you needed any excuse to drink whisky, here it is: this coming Saturday is World Whisky Day.

We've tracked down seven exciting whiskies for you to put on your bucket list - why not cheat on your favourite tipple and sip something new this weekend?



If the beautiful bottle doesn't convince you immediately, maybe Nc'nean's gentle sweetness and signature body as a result of being matured in hand-selected red wine and bourbon barrels might just lure you in.

Recently launched, this organic Single Malt is the first whisky released to the public by this new, independent distillery.

And it's not just the taste which is impressive. Made with organic Scottish barley, processed with renewable energy, and bottled in the UK’s first-ever 100 percent recycled clear glass bottle, the whisky showcases Nc’nean’s commitment to protecting the environment too.

Nc’nean’s whisky is made from barley whose natural yields and rich soils contribute great depth of flavour.

The gentle fermentation and distillation accentuate the delicate, fruity flavours in the spirit.

Find it here.

Arbikie Highland Rye

For something special and truly celebratory, get your hands on a bottle of 5 year Arbikie 1794 - one of Scotland's only single grain rye whiskies.

Nc’Nean add Orchard Cobbler whisky to Huntress series 

As with any whisky, barrel type has a major influence on taste, and the new charred American virgin oak imparts a rich colour and flavour to complement the complexities of the grain.

The team say that these create 'a whisky with a nose of fresh cloves, nutmeg, Christmas cake spices, creamy butterscotch and a taste of cinnamon and a spicy burst tempered by sweet muscovado sugar and fresh honey.'

When Arbikie launched their first, limited-edition Highland Rye in 2018, it was the first rye Scotch whisky in over 100 years, but other distilleries are now working on single-grain rye whiskies too.

It's a stunning addition to a drinks cabinet and a very special way to celebrate a revival in Scottish distilling.

Find it here.

Earth Day 2024: Scottish businesses offering sustainable spirits and drinks

Torabhaig Allt Gleann

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The team behind Torabhaig has been making whisky since January 2017, blending traditional and contemporary approaches to distilling.

The lifeblood of theirs and any whisky - pure water - is sourced from the two burns next to the distillery.

Using traditional wooden washbacks for fermentation and classic twin copper stills, Torabhaig Distillery has developed a distinctive signature style described as 'Well-Tempered Peat'.

The process brings a complexity of flavour and delivers a balanced character.

It's a real taste of Skye - and a little piece of Hebridean heritage.

Ardbeg reveal Spectacular Feis Ile whisky and Ardbeg Day theme for 2024

Find it here.

Isle of Raasay

raasay whisky

For a real taste of exclusivity, Raasay whisky is hard to get hold of, but oh so worth it if you do.

It's only legal whisky to be distilled on its namesake Hebridean Island, and has been released just once so far, with a second batch on the way.

Matured in first fill Tennessee Whiskey casks and finished in first fill Bordeaux red wine casks, the Isle of Raasay Single Malt Inaugural Release is elegant, lightly peated, with rich dark fruit flavours.

Natural in colour, and non-chill filtered - every drop distilled, matured, and bottled on the Isle of Raasay.

While the first release sold out, there is a ballot for the next release of the full Raasay single malt, which can be found here.

Kingsbarns Dream to Dram

For a light and delicate lowland whisky, Dream to Dram by Kingsbarns distillery near St Andrews is a great choice.

Matured in a combination of red wine and bourbon casks, this intensely fruity number is an easy-drinking but complex whisky, with an interesting tropical nose encompassing notes such as pineapple.

Dream to dram is made with local fife barely, which gets lots of sunshine before being transformed into this devilishly delicate lowland whisky.

Find it here

Oxford Rye

Another one for the pre-order: this second batch of artisan rye whisky distilled in Oxford really packs a punch.

Fermentation in Hungarian oak vats has contributed fruity and creamy middle notes for this sell out dram.

A toasty sourdough crust flavour comes from flaking the grain in a centenary mill, rather than traditional milling techniques.

This rye whisky is also finished in wine casks, which, paired with the long summer of 2018 when it was matured, has resulted in a deeply fruity finish.

You can find it here.

The Sassenach

blended whiskies

Fresh from winning its second double gold at the San Fransico World Spirits Competition, Sam Heughan's whisky The Sassenach is a blend that was made available in the UK in December.

Tweeting at the time of the US Sassenach launch, the Sassenach Spirits team said: “Inspired by the Highland landscape, the Sassenach is a uniquely blended Scotch whisky with a distinct character and smooth flavour, suitable for any occasion.

“Ancient peaks, hidden glens, and rising morning mist, freshwater and firm oak run deep in its veins. Matured in casks that previously held fine Madeira wine, the exceptional blend has an underlying rich character that rises to the forefront.”

Find it here.

The GlenAllachie

This Speyside distillery recently launched a wine cask finish series.

Master distiller and owner Billy Walker has selected premium barriques formerly used to age fine wines across France, Italy, and Spain to create three expressions to kick off the limited edition range: an 11-year-old Grattamacco Cask Finish (£58.99), a 12-year-old Sauternes Cask Finish (£60.99), and a 13-year-old Rioja Cask Finish (£63.99).

Find out more here.

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