8 Scottish drinks perfect for St Andrew's Day

On the 30th November, Scotland, and the rest of the world, will celebrate St Andrew's Day, here are eight great Scottish drinks to enjoy on the day.

Published 28th Nov 2016
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

From award-winning whisky to Scotland's first rum, here are some of the best drinks to celebrate St Andrew's Day with.


Arbikie Strawberry Vodka

(Price: £45, Abv: 50%, Size: 500ml)


Bringing a little flavour of summer to these cold winter months, this new limited release from the Arbikie Highland Estate is a great base for St Andrew's day cocktail or even enjoying on its own.

Moving away from their famous potato vodka, Arbikie has created this wheat vodka using locally grown strawberries.


Dark Matter Spiced Rum

(Price: approx £35, Abv: 40%, Size: 700ml)


Scotland's first ever rum (yes, you read that right) from Dark Matter Distillers is a wee cracker.

Established by brothers Jim and John Ewen, the Banchory distillery has been operating since April 2015 and their richly spiced rum is made from sugar cane molasses with added ginger, green and black peppercorns, and dried long pepper, and as St Andrew is also the patron saint of Barbados, it seems oddly fitting.


Eden Mill Original Gin

(Price: approx £32, Abv: 42%, Size: 700ml)

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It would have been impossible for us not to include at least one drink from the town of St Andrews itself - where some of the saint's relics were said to have been brought to by St Regulus - and in Eden Mill's Original Gin we have a great example of Scotland's recent mastery of the gin category.

The distillery's take on a classic London Dry, the Original is made using Fife’s seabuckthorn berries and is the perfect base for a great gin and tonic.

NB Gin

(Price: approx £30, Abv: 42%, Size: 700ml)


Isle of Tiree Distillery to release first single malt whisky

Said to be the reason for Scotland's adoption of the Saltire as the country's national flag, East Lothian was the site of a battle won by a Pictish king who was said to have had received a vision from St Andrew himself in 832 AD.

Now home to one of Scotland's leading gins, East Lothian's NB has won a slew of awards since its release and gained international recognition including being voted the World's Best Dry London Dry Gin.

Made using eight different botanicals, NB is uncompromising in flavour and well suited to those who like a more traditional tasting gin.


Edradour Caledonia 12 Year Old

(Price: approx £47.50, Abv: 46%, Size: 700ml)


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When it comes to whisky there were obviously plenty of great choices but the aptly named Caledonia, comes with the perfect packaging for celebrating St Andrew's Day.

Not only that it's a great wee dram - selected by songwriter Dougie Maclean and named after his hit song - the Caledonia is made using ex-Bourbon and Olorosso sherry casks so it's rich, sweet and great for warming you up on what will surely be a cold winter night.

Laphroaig Quarter Cask

(Price: approx £40, Abv: 48%, Size: 700ml)



Those of you looking for something a little more traditional on St Andrew's Day will enjoy this punchy little Laphroaig. Matured using quarter casks to increase contact with the oak, this young whisky has an interesting flavour unlike any of its stable mates.

Sweet with velvety hints of vanilla and toffee on first contact with the tongue, the signature peaty flavour that the distillery is famous for soon punches through.

Craft Beer

St Andrews Brewing Co. Oatmeal Stout

(Price: approx £2.50, Abv: 4.5%, Size: 500ml)


Another wonderful drinks producer from the town of St Andrews, the SA Brewing Co. have recently produced the first ever 100% Scottish ale, which we of course would recommend - it would be on this list but it is very limited release - so instead we've picked their excellent oatmeal stout.

A great example of a stronger flavoured beer that traditionally has always been popular in Scotland, the Oatmeal Stout is not only a quality beer, it's great value too.

Belhaven St Andrew's Ale

(Price: approx £2.50, Abv: 4.6%, Size: 500ml)


It would only be right to choose a beer named after the saint himself (even if it is more in a nod to the town rather than the saint), this great value amber ale is a great example of a Scottish ale that goes down very easily.

Perfect for kicking back and enjoying on a cold November night, Belhaven brewery is one of Scotland's best known and for good reason, they've consistently made great beer and this is a great example of what they are capable of.

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