7 of the best Scotch whiskies you can get for under £28

With some excellent deals to be found in supermarkets and with the blended malt and single grain categories providing some brilliant value, there's plenty of bargains to be found when shopping for whisky.

Published 27th Mar 2019
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

Here we've searched the supermarkets and online retailers to find the best value Scotch whiskies that you can buy for under £28.

We've avoided transient supermarket offers and sale prices and aimed for those whiskies that should stay below the £28 mark regardless of the season.

We've also added in information on where to go to get the best price and why we chose them,  as well as keeping the bottle size to 70cl or above.

The best Scotch whiskies for under £28

Abrachan (Lidl)

(Best Price: £17.49 - Lidl)

best Scotch whiskies for under £25

Lidl's whisky collection has won a slew of awards over the past few years* and the Abrachan is our pick of the bunch. Bourbon, Oloroso and Tawny Port cask matured it's bursting with flavour.

*And no, contrary to popular belief none of them are the 'best whisky in the world'

Haig Clubman (Various)

(Best Price: £20.95 - Whisky Exchange)

best Scotch whiskies for under £25

Picture: Whisky Exchange

Arguably more interesting than its more expensive stable mate, this striking blue bottle hides a fairly decent little whisky that's well worth checking out.

Bridging the gap between Bourbon whisky and single malt Scotch, it's filled with notes of vanilla and cream.

Monkey Shoulder (Various)

(Best Price: £20.95 - Whisky Exchange)

best Scotch whiskies for under £25

Picture: Whisky Exchange

In our mind, this is one of the most underrated whiskies out there. Lauded by the on-trade, it's been (mostly) ignored by casual drinkers, but for the price, you are getting an incredible blended malt.

Made using two well-known (and one less well-known) Speyside distilleries this is a punchy little dram that's great neat and perfect for mixing.

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Grants Sherry Cask (Waitrose)

(Best Price: £22 - Waitrose)

Wait for the snobs to hold their nose up at this one, but actually, this is a well-balanced liquid that shines as an example of sherry cask maturation.

Ok, it's not going to give GlenDronach or Aberlour a run for their money but for £22 it is incredible value and just a lovely whisky to drink.

Islay Malt (Aldi)

(Best Price: £17.49 - Aldi)

Finally, we get to a dram that will please the peat heads reading this list. The Glen Marnoch is a polished example of the style and though it is not overly complex, it's the kind of sipping whisky that will warm you up on a cold night in a suitably enjoyable fashion.

Glen Moray Sherry Cask (Sainsbury's)

(Best Price: £22 - Sainsbury's)

Picture: Whisky Exchange

If you haven't tried Glen Moray yet then you've been missing out, this Elgin distillery has been knocking it out of the park with their friendly welcoming approach to the market.

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Our favourite of their entry level expressions, this light-bodied malt is saturated with rich notes of chocolate, dark fruits and spice.

Copper Dog (Various)

(Best Price:  £27.00 - Tesco)

Picture: Whisky Exchange

A nod to both the device used to weech whisky out of casks to be 'liberated' from warehouses and the bar in the world famous Craigellachie Hotel, the Copper Dog is another shining example of the growing blended malt category.

Fruits, honey and a pinch of spice will greet you from the glass, while a creamy rich finish will have you coming back for more.


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Driven by a passion for all things drinks-related, Sean writes for The Scotsman extensively on the subject. He can also sometimes be found behind the bar at the world famous Potstill bar in Glasgow where he continues to enhance his whisky knowledge built up over 10 years advising customers from all over the world on the wonders of our national drink. Recently, his first book was published. Dubbed Gin Galore, it explores Scotland's best gins and the stories behind those that make them.
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