The best and worst supermarket Christmas puddings - including Asda Extra Special 6 month matured jewelled topped Christmas pudding and Tesco Finest 12 month matured Christmas pudding

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying it wouldn’t be Christmas day without Christmas pudding.

Published 20th Dec 2023
Updated 20 th Dec 2023

If you’re planning on buying your Christmas pudding from one of the main supermarkets, these are the ones to look out for, and which ones to avoid.

Tesco Finest 12 month matured Christmas pudding, £5

Not too boozy, this pudding had a good nuts to fruit ratio though it may not have been mixed as well as others.

Not too boozy, it’s a good option at this price point.


Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference 18 month matured Christmas pudding laced with cognac, £10.50

This pudding was very moist, and moreish, with lots of fruit. 

You could taste the boozy but it wasn’t too much and while it was sweet it wasn’t too sweet. Just exactly what you’d want in a Christmas pudding.


Waitrose Christmas pudding 12 months matured, £5.62

best Christmas puddings

This pudding was packed full of fruit and nuts and didn’t taste too boozy. It also had a nice texture making it a good option for Christmas day.


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Lidl Deluxe luxury 12 month matured Christmas pudding, £4.49

There was a good amount of fruit in this pudding, but we felt it was lacking in nuts which can give a nice crunch.

It also tasted very boozy and didn’t seem as compact as others.


M&S Collection 12 month matured Christmas pudding, £7

There’s various sizes of this Christmas pudding, including one that serves one. Perfect for smaller households or those catering for that one person who can’t do without Christmas pudding. 

We found this one quite moist with none of the flavours too overpowering. It was quite boozy and sweet but not too sweet. A good all rounder pudding.

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Asda Extra Special 6 month matured jewelled topped Christmas pudding, £12

The first thing we thought with this one was its consistency was a bit clootie dumpling-like. 

It’s not the most moist of puddings but it had a good amount of fruit and the jewelled top of fruits was a nice touch and would make this an attractive centrepiece come Christmas day.


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